25 Ways to Ask Someone Out

658726_28187867Being creative in the way you ask someone out can add great memories to an event, whether you’re trying to get a first date or going on a date after ten years of marriage.

1.Use window markers and write it out on his/her car window
2.Write a song or poem
3.Bake a cake and spell it out in frosting
4.Send him/her a message to decode that shows a rendezvous location
5.Send him/her anonymous flowers and notes for a week, then finally ask him/her to meet you
6.Take out an ad in the newspaper
7.Dedicate a karaoke love song to him/her and then ask him/her out publicly
8.Send him/her a Mission Impossible type tape stating the location and time of your date
9.Leave a note hanging from the car rear view mirror or under the windshield wiper
10.Write it out in the sand at the beach, take a picture, then email it to him/her
11.Formally invite him/her using fancy stationary
12.Kidnap something of his/hers and send a ransom note saying your demand is a date
13.Hide the invitation in the book s/he is currently reading
14.Be a singing telegram
15.Leave a wrapped present on his/her bed (such as a ticket, dress, tie, etc) with a small invitation card
16.Put a laminated card in the shower or bathtub
17.Write him/her a song, record it, then send it to him/her
18.Order personalized M’Ms and ship them to him/her
19.Send him/her pictures that each have a clue to the location of where you are going on your date
20.Tack a scroll to a tree with an arrow, Robin Hood style
21.Change the label on a box of soap, beverage bottle, or anything s/he uses on a daily basis
22.Custom make a wallpaper for his/her phone or computer
23.Use sidewalk or grass chalk
24.Write him/her a short story about a person that turned down a date and was eaten by a dragon. End the story with “Go out with me and you won’t end up like that person.”
25.Pretend to be a psychic or palm reader and predict your future date