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Things to Do in April



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5 Tools You Should Be Using


There are five tools that you probably aren’t using right now, but should be.

If you’re looking for date night plans or ways to fill up your weekend, newspapers are the way to go. Not only that, but headlines give you some conversation topics, and the puzzles in the back can be a fun activity with a loved one. Plus the paper has comics. You can’t go wrong with comics.

Travel Guides
Pick up travel guides on foreign countries, different states or provinces, nearby cities, and your own city. Set a goal each month to visit someplace out of the ordinary. You’re never going to end up where you want to go accidentally. Plan. Plan one large trip a year, a day trip every three months, and half day trips in between.

Pick whatever medium suits you, whether it’s a copy of the Yellow Pages or Keep a directory of services, shops, and restaurants in your area on hand. Use this resource for date night, a weekend out, or gift ideas.

A calendar not only makes you organized, but it teaches you to prioritize and to be purposeful with your time. Take an hour or two each week to plan your schedule, with a goal in mind for each day. Don’t over-schedule, and remember to stay flexible; however, give each day a purpose. Pencil in date night, quiet time, nights out, and travel plans.

Dry Erase Board
A dry erase board is an incredibly good investment. In fact, you may want more than one. If you’re single and live alone, you can use it for scheduling out your week, planning projects, writing vocabulary words of foreign languages, inspirational quotes, or anything that motivates you. If you live with others, use it for loving messages, games, and date night or dinner plans.

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Things to Do in March


What do you plan to do for the month of March? Comment!

5 Magazines You Should Be Reading


Last week we told you what 25 websites you should have bookmarked on your computer. But a lot of great resources are also available in paper form. Don’t miss out on these excellent materials whether you’re married or single, male or female, young or seasoned.
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25 Sites You Should Have Bookmarked



The internet is more than cat videos and Facebook. It is an amazing resource that can and should be used to enrich every day life. Here are 25 websites we think you should browse on a regular basis.


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Surviving the Solo Season

by Amelia Glenchur

“Maybe your standards are too high.”
“Aren’t you depressed? You’re still single.”
“Is there any guy you know that could potentially be ‘The One’?”

These questions keep ringing in my ears from recent conversations about my status of being single. I remember being surprised at these remarks stating I was “alone.” In my head I was thinking, God, why am I single? Silence. At that point my prayer changed to Lord, help me survive this.

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Write This Down


Never under-estimate the power of a journal. A journal can help you organize your weeks, it can enrich your life, or it can help you discover yourself. Everyone should have a journal this year, and here are some ideas of what kind of journals you can keep.

Date Night Journal 

Write down any fun date ideas you run into. Write down date ideas for staying in, going out, and going all out. Write down theaters, parks, attractions, and events in your area. Write down day trip ideas, weekend adventures, and getaways you’d like to plan for.

You can also use your date night journal as a record, keeping track of all the dates you’ve been on. Include the date, what you did, and rate how much you enjoyed the venue. Looking at your record, you may realize that you’ve planned too many nights in and it’s time for a night out. Or you may realize based on your sweetheart’s ratings that they really enjoyed going to scenic areas, so you can plan a special date around their preference.

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The Source of Contentment


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