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Media Spotlight: When Wallflowers Dance

Dance_member2When Wallflowers Dance (Small Group Study)
by Angela Thomas
Audience: Women

Passiveness is no way to live. But with the fears and challenges that come with this life, sometimes we lack the confidence to stand up and live life to the fullest. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10) It’s time to take Him up on His offer.

In When Wallflowers Dance, Angela Thomas encourages women to live life without holding back. The love of God empowers His people to run full throttle, living with passion and joy in all circumstances. Thomas’s member book is for small group use, and has a weekend retreat planner for condensed study.

Topics covered:

  • Determining whether you’re dancing or standing as a wallflower
  • Choosing to grow
  • Living free and spiritually cleansed
  • Choosing freedom, wisdom, and faith in the midst of hardship
  • Trusting and abiding in God in times of waiting
  • Letting the Holy Spirit fill you with life

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Book Spotlight: Wilderness Skills for Women

wilderness skillsWilderness Skills for Women
by Marian Jordan

Target audience: Women
Book includes questions for small groups

Have you ever faced over-whelming pain and despair? In the midst of heartbreak, pain and devastation can be so heavy that it becomes difficult to breathe. Every day becomes a test of survival. You feel lost in the wilderness, wondering where to go and what to do next.

But there is hope.

In Wilderness Skills for Women, Marian Jordan addresses how to survive the painful seasons in life. Using personal illustrations from women who have faced incredible hardships, Jordan offers her readers wisdom on moving forward in tough seasons and making it to the other side.

Topics covered:

  • Facing the pain of rejection and finding God’s purposes in it.
  • Facing the temptation to fall back into old habits
  • Facing crippling despair.
  • Finding faith and hope in horrible seasons
  • Trusting and seeking God in the midst of unfulfilled desires
  • Drinking Living Water
  • Trusting Jesus for shelter in trials
  • How to overcome the lies of Satan
  • Choosing between the path of forgiveness and bitterness
  • Perseverance in fear and uncertainty

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Media Spotlight: When God Writes Your Love Story

wgwylsWhen God Writes Your Love Story
by Eric and Leslie Ludy

Target audience: Singles

Everyone loves a good love story – God included. And God is willing to write a beautiful love story for us if we are willing to give up the pen.

In When God Writes Your Love Story, Eric and Leslie Ludy discuss what it looks like to give your love life up to God. Using their own love story as an illustration, the Ludys encourage not only emotional and physical purity before marriage, but also faithfulness to your future spouse before you even know who they are.


Topics Covered:

  • Dealing with temptation and holding out for something better
  • Surrendering all areas of your life to God
  • Committing to your spouse before and after marriage
  • Emotional and physical purity before marriage
  • Guarding your heart before marriage
  • Singleness with a purpose
  • Keeping your standards high
  • Learning to love well before marriage
  • Moving forward when purity hasn’t been kept
  • Trusting Jesus will give you courage and strength in singleness and marriage

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Media Spotlight: Ruth – Loss, Love and Legacy

Ruth_CoverRuth – Love, Loss, and Legacy
by Kelly Minter

Target audience: Women

If there were ever a story to inspire a woman’s heart, the story of Ruth would be it. Surrounded by dire circumstances, Ruth emerges from a painful season and into the blessings of the Lord. Despite pain and anxiety, Ruth finds herself in the middle of celebration, abundance, and romance.

Kelly Minter digs into the book of Ruth, exposing the glory of God in troubled times, and our journey with Him through them. This Bible study includes daily devotionals, a leaders guide, song lyrics to meditate on, and simple recipes for “living room” group study.

Topics Covered:

  • Trialing seasons
  • Moving forward in seasons of trials and grief
  • Obedience in hardships
  • Sowing and the harvest
  • Work ethic and dedication
  • Kindness, humility, and generosity
  • Being active and ready for change
  • Redemption
  • Blessings from God and others
  • Historical background and Greek terminology of the Book of Ruth

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Book Spotlight: What Your Husband Isn’t Telling You

HusbandCoverWhat Your Husband Isn’t Telling You
by David Murrow

Audience: Married women
Good for: Single women who want to understand men better

What takes place in the depths of a man’s soul? How does the outside world affect his inner being? How does his wife edify or destroy him? What fears does he face on a daily basis?

In What Your Husband Isn’t Telling You, David Murrow reveals the inner workings of the male mind. With blunt honesty and a sense of humor, Murrow lays the male soul out on the table for women to view. For any woman who wants to break past her husband’s silence and find out what he truly desires, this book is the opportunity to really find out what your husband is thinking.


Topics Covered:

  • The man’s inner voice when it comes to protecting and providing
  • The male brain compared to the female brain
  • The male sex drive and how it affects his spirit
  • Man’s desire to be needed and respected
  • Fears and intimidation men face constantly
  • The power women hold over men
  • Why men don’t talk about their feelings
  • Why men struggle with going to church
  • Where men sense the presence of God the most

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Book Spotlight: Gods at War

godsatwarGods at War
by Kyle Idleman

Audience: All

Idols go to war to steal our heart’s affections. Many times, idols look common; they are simple in nature and desired by mankind. After all, what’s wrong with having a successful career or money in the bank? What’s the harm in enjoying sports, television, and food? And shouldn’t our goals in life include finding a spouse and loving our families? The problem is not in the things themselves – the problem is that we care about these things more than God Himself.

Kyle Idleman, author of Not a Fan, addresses the idols in life that steal our attention away from God. Humorous in illustration yet serious in application, Idleman guides his readers through every area of life, exposing the idols of this world that have taken the place of God in our hearts. Idleman reminds us of the amazing, jealous love of God who can never be replaced by the things our hearts pursue here. Although the battle rages on within our hearts between God and our idols, we make the final decision on who the victor is.

Topics Covered:

  • Idolatry: the sin that all other sins stem from
  • Identifying our idols: Look at what you dream of, what disappoints you, what upsets you, and what worries you
  • God’s jealousy for our hearts
  • The gods of our parents, our past, and our culture
  • The god of food – trying to feed our souls with food
  • The god of sex – the god who leaves you with nothing
  • The god of entertainment – worshiping what amuses us
  • The god of success – getting our worth from our resume
  • The god of money – forgetting that all we own and earn belongs to God
  • The god of achievement – paying more attention to our to-do lists instead of God
  • The god of romance – looking to someone other than God to complete us
  • The god of family – holding our children and parents higher than God
  • The god of me – making life all about you instead of all about Jesus

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Book Spotlight: Wild at Heart

wild-at-heartWild at Heart
by John Eldredge

Target Audience: All
Great for women who want to understand the male heart

What lies within the deepest parts of a man’s soul? What does he truly crave in life? What wounds him? What feeds his spirit?

In Wild at Heart, John Eldredge addresses the inner workings of the male being. Woman seeks to domesticate man, Satan seeks to wound him, and he himself seeks purpose and passion. Eldredge challenges men to stop holding themselves back – to defend against Satan’s lies and attacks, and embrace the design God had for man at the beginning.

Topics Covered:

  • Passionately living and pursuing adventure
  • Satan’s attacks on the male soul as well as his marriage
  • Finding validation as a man
  • The relationship between man and the Father, as well as the relationship between man and his earthly father
  • Healing from deep wounds with the help of Christ
  • Strategy in the midst of spiritual warfare
  • What a woman needs from her man

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For insight into the female heart, read Stasi and John Eldredge’s book, Captivating

Book Spotlight: The Wonder of His Love

loveThe Wonder of His Love
by Nancy Stafford

Target Audience: All
Great for daily personal reflection

When was the last time you fully meditated on the love of God? We may sing “Jesus Loves Me” but do we really understand the depths of that love? How wondrous is the passionate, faithful love of our God! He is the only example of perfect love – His love is the only true love.

In The Wonder of His Love, Nancy Stafford writes on the amazing love of God. Dividing her insights into 31 devotionals, Stafford encourages awe at God’s eternal and unfailing love for His people. It is that love that sustains us, and it is that love that has saved us.

Topics covered:

  • The transforming love of God
  • Growing closer to the Lord in light of His love
  • Love beyond feelings
  • The faithful love of God
  • Standing firm in God’s love
  • God’s love in comparison to earthly love
  • Meditating on God’s love

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