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Celebrate Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice (June 21st) is the longest day of sunlight, and a great excuse to celebrate Summer before it passes you by. Check  the approximate times for sunrise and sunset and plan a day of Summer fun in this time frame.

Outdoor Ideas

Indoor Ideas

  • Movie marathon. Watch your favorite movies or shows from sunrise till sunset.
  • Board game marathon. Play your favorite childhood games, and learn some new ones while you’re at it.
  • Hobby marathon. If you share a hobby with someone, get together and work on your hobby the entire day.
  • Read-a-thon. If you would rather spend a quiet day alone, read from sunrise till sunset, keeping record of how many pages you read in one day.
  • Video game marathon. Throw a party at your house with multiplayer games, play an online MMO, or hit the arcade with a couple of friends for the day.

What are some fun ways you can think of celebrating Summer Solstice?

Doughnut Dates


Yes, you can incorporate these tasty fried pieces of dough into your next date night or romantic gesture. After all, what says love more than fried food?

Doughnut Tasting
Dress up doughnuts with a tasting. Make a 5-course meal with three rounds of doughnut bites and two rounds of savory dishes (sausage, eggs, cheese, etc). Or you can make a “flight” of doughnuts by putting bite sized pieces in wine glasses.

Doughnut Scavenger Hunt
Make doughnut-shaped clues on construction paper that lead to a secret candlelight doughnut picnic.

Find the Crazy Shops
As good as glazed and jelly-filled are, don’t be afraid to be adventurous. There are fun, crazy doughnut shops all over the United States with fun flavors, like the Lemon Thyme doughnut from Dynamo Donuts in San Franscisco (which is amazing), or the popular Cronut out of New York. Check out’s list of hottest doughnut shops to put together your doughnut bucket list.

Doughnut Delivery
Forget flowers. Send doughnuts.

Doughnut Breakfast Date
Need a creative breakfast idea? Check out these doughnut hole skewers from ValSoCal. For a romantic breakfast of homemade doughnuts, try Wilton’s heart-shaped doughnut pan, paired with Brown Cookie’s double heart-shaped egg ring. (I may or may not own both of these.)

Cards With Doughnut Puns
Make a doughnut-shaped card out of construction paper with some silly doughnut pun like, “You donut know how much I love you.” or “Donut ever let me go.” You won’t get any poetry awards, but you might get a smile – which is a lot better.

Make Your Own Doughnuts
Bust out the Pinterest and the deep fryer! Doughnuts have endless possibilities and can be a fun cooking experiment. Make a doughnut bar before sitting down in front of your date night movie.

Go Global
Different countries have different versions of doughnuts. The French have beignets, Mexico has churros… actually, Saveur has a whole list of doughnut variations you should check out. You can even go to the countries themselves to try it.

How do you enjoy doughnuts? Comment below!

Things to Do in May


What are some fun activities you plan on doing in May?

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Eater Egg Date


Why do kids get to have all the fun when it comes to Easter egg activities? Grown-ups can enjoy a basket of eggs, too! In fact, why not incorporate a basket of eggs for date night? Here’s three ideas on how to do so.

Pop Quiz
Have a basket of eggs, filled with special treats. Make a list of questions about yourself, such as “What is my favorite vegetable?”, or “What year did I graduate high school”, or “What was my favorite childhood TV show?” Write your answers next to the question and hide your paper. Take turns asking your sweetheart questions about yourself. The right answer equals an egg of goodies. The person with the least amount of eggs at the end loses!

Scavenger Hunt
Decide on a date night activity, gift, or message you want to give your sweetheart. Scatter eggs around the house with hints on where to find the gift or what the date night will be. If you’re doing a message, do one word in each egg and let your sweetheart arrange the words.

Truth or Dare
Divide eggs in half and have each person fill their eggs with a truth or a dare. Mix up the eggs in a basket and take turns picking one. Whoever answers the most questions and does the most dares wins!

Bonus Idea: Fill It Up
Fill up their car with Easter eggs. If you can fill up the entire car, you’re my hero. But you can make smaller goals too, like filling the glove compartment, the backseat, or the trunk. Put a reason why you love them in each egg. It’s a great way to boost their morning commute!

What are some other fun things to do with Easter eggs? Comment below!

Ice Breakers #2

Sometimes you need an ice breaker when you’re on a date, at a party, or sitting at the dinner table. Try this ice breaker and follow up questions during that next awkward silence!



Make Movie Night Magical


Ah, the cinema. The collaboration of hundreds of talents, ranging from filmography to acting, from costume to set design, from production to directing. Cast and crew spend months of long hours fulfilling their visions, hoping to tell the stories from their hearts. And now it has become a lifeless, effortless date night option. The shame!

Although dinner and a movie isn’t considered the most impressive of date night choices, it has a lot of creative possibilities. If you want to make movie night magical, you have to create the magic yourself!

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25 Sites You Should Have Bookmarked



The internet is more than cat videos and Facebook. It is an amazing resource that can and should be used to enrich every day life. Here are 25 websites we think you should browse on a regular basis.


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Write This Down


Never under-estimate the power of a journal. A journal can help you organize your weeks, it can enrich your life, or it can help you discover yourself. Everyone should have a journal this year, and here are some ideas of what kind of journals you can keep.

Date Night Journal 

Write down any fun date ideas you run into. Write down date ideas for staying in, going out, and going all out. Write down theaters, parks, attractions, and events in your area. Write down day trip ideas, weekend adventures, and getaways you’d like to plan for.

You can also use your date night journal as a record, keeping track of all the dates you’ve been on. Include the date, what you did, and rate how much you enjoyed the venue. Looking at your record, you may realize that you’ve planned too many nights in and it’s time for a night out. Or you may realize based on your sweetheart’s ratings that they really enjoyed going to scenic areas, so you can plan a special date around their preference.

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