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Celebrate Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice (June 21st) is the longest day of sunlight, and a great excuse to celebrate Summer before it passes you by. Check  the approximate times for sunrise and sunset and plan a day of Summer fun in this time frame.

Outdoor Ideas

Indoor Ideas

  • Movie marathon. Watch your favorite movies or shows from sunrise till sunset.
  • Board game marathon. Play your favorite childhood games, and learn some new ones while you’re at it.
  • Hobby marathon. If you share a hobby with someone, get together and work on your hobby the entire day.
  • Read-a-thon. If you would rather spend a quiet day alone, read from sunrise till sunset, keeping record of how many pages you read in one day.
  • Video game marathon. Throw a party at your house with multiplayer games, play an online MMO, or hit the arcade with a couple of friends for the day.

What are some fun ways you can think of celebrating Summer Solstice?

Doughnut Dates


Yes, you can incorporate these tasty fried pieces of dough into your next date night or romantic gesture. After all, what says love more than fried food?

Doughnut Tasting
Dress up doughnuts with a tasting. Make a 5-course meal with three rounds of doughnut bites and two rounds of savory dishes (sausage, eggs, cheese, etc). Or you can make a “flight” of doughnuts by putting bite sized pieces in wine glasses.

Doughnut Scavenger Hunt
Make doughnut-shaped clues on construction paper that lead to a secret candlelight doughnut picnic.

Find the Crazy Shops
As good as glazed and jelly-filled are, don’t be afraid to be adventurous. There are fun, crazy doughnut shops all over the United States with fun flavors, like the Lemon Thyme doughnut from Dynamo Donuts in San Franscisco (which is amazing), or the popular Cronut out of New York. Check out’s list of hottest doughnut shops to put together your doughnut bucket list.

Doughnut Delivery
Forget flowers. Send doughnuts.

Doughnut Breakfast Date
Need a creative breakfast idea? Check out these doughnut hole skewers from ValSoCal. For a romantic breakfast of homemade doughnuts, try Wilton’s heart-shaped doughnut pan, paired with Brown Cookie’s double heart-shaped egg ring. (I may or may not own both of these.)

Cards With Doughnut Puns
Make a doughnut-shaped card out of construction paper with some silly doughnut pun like, “You donut know how much I love you.” or “Donut ever let me go.” You won’t get any poetry awards, but you might get a smile – which is a lot better.

Make Your Own Doughnuts
Bust out the Pinterest and the deep fryer! Doughnuts have endless possibilities and can be a fun cooking experiment. Make a doughnut bar before sitting down in front of your date night movie.

Go Global
Different countries have different versions of doughnuts. The French have beignets, Mexico has churros… actually, Saveur has a whole list of doughnut variations you should check out. You can even go to the countries themselves to try it.

How do you enjoy doughnuts? Comment below!

Make Movie Night Magical


Ah, the cinema. The collaboration of hundreds of talents, ranging from filmography to acting, from costume to set design, from production to directing. Cast and crew spend months of long hours fulfilling their visions, hoping to tell the stories from their hearts. And now it has become a lifeless, effortless date night option. The shame!

Although dinner and a movie isn’t considered the most impressive of date night choices, it has a lot of creative possibilities. If you want to make movie night magical, you have to create the magic yourself!

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25 Sites You Should Have Bookmarked



The internet is more than cat videos and Facebook. It is an amazing resource that can and should be used to enrich every day life. Here are 25 websites we think you should browse on a regular basis.


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Date Idea: Mid-Autumn Festival

midautumfestival1When the moon is full in the midst of Autumn, Asia celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a great opportunity to go and play under the full moon with your sweetheart. After all, what is more romantic than moonlight and a sky full of stars? With inspiration from Asia’s Mid-Autumn Festival traditions, plan your own evening activities for the harvest celebration.

Midnight BBQ
Barbeques are the modern celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival. With the bright beams of the full moon, why not throw a midnight BBQ for two? Or, if you’d rather not start a fire in your backyard in the middle of the night, plan a midnight picnic for two.

Design your meal to symbolize the harvest moon with round foods such as hamburgers, pizza, quesadillas, or quiches. There are also plenty of fruits that are round shaped, and even if they aren’t, you can use a melon baller to create mini-moon shaped treats.

Mooncakes are the traditional treat prepared for the Mid-Autumn Festival, usually given as gifts. Their round shape represents the moon, and they are usually filled with nuts, fruit, jelly, and even egg yolk.

Cakes are a great way to show appreciation and affection to your sweetheart, friends, and family. Make little cakes for the people you appreciate, such as parents, in-laws, couples that have mentored you, or people who have served you or encouraged you in your time of need. Make traditional mooncakes (Christie’s Recipes has a pretty good recipe), or use a box mix to make multiple mini-cakes.

Moonlit Activities
The full moon provides the perfect opportunity to go on late night dates. With the extra light, you can participate in activities that you normally do during the day time. Go for a bike ride, look for seashells on the beach, or even go white water rafting. The moon should shed enough light for any activity of your choosing!

lanternfinLantern Making
Lanterns are a beautiful tradition during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Make your own paper lanterns to add to the fun of the holiday! Grab decorative paper and write things you love about your sweetheart, great memories you two share, or little love notes and create your own paper lantern. The web blog Oh Happy Day has good tutorials for homemade lanterns, along with Artsy Fartsy Mama and Festival. For the hardcore lantern makers, check out wikiHow’s sky lantern tutorial.

Romantic Reflection
The Mid-Autumn Festival is known for its food and fun, but it’s also known for its romantic influences. As you enjoy the harvest of the season, take time to enjoy the harvest of your relationship.

Discuss the seeds of your relationship (the first time you met, the expectations you had, etc) and discuss the growth of your relationship (how you’ve changed as a person, how the hard work of your relationship was worth it.) Then discuss what future seeds you like to plant, such as how you would like to see the relationship grow and how you would like to celebrate your relationship throughout the year. Write these things down in a journal and review it every full moon throughout the year to check your progress.

If you’re single, write to your future spouse by moonlight. Write about the seeds you are planting now that you hope to reap in the future. Write your future spouse every full moon until your wedding day, and then present them with your letters on your honeymoon.

Dates for the Mid-Autumn Festival
2013 – September 19th
2014 – September 8th
2015 – September 27th
2016 – September 15th
2017 – October 4th
2018 – September 24th
The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Chuseok in Korea and Tsukimi in Japan.

Were you inspired by this article? Give us your feedback! If you did any of the activities related to this article, post your pictures and/or comments below, post them on our Facebook page, or email them at!

Dates for Foodies

finediningeditThey love ingredients. They talk about the cheesecake they had in New York. They talk about cooking techniques they learned from their grandmother, Mario Batalli, and books by Julia Child. They know the best markets for fish in more than one country. They’re foodies – people with a love for everything delicious.

If you are dating a foodie, you can make date night easily fun and memorable. Just center the date around a foodie’s favorite topic: food!

Go to a Tasting
Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, a sample platter is a great way to go with anyone who wishes to learn about a variety of flavors from all over the world. Look online and in the paper for nearby venues that offer tastings, or create your own platter to enjoy at home. Tastings are also great for double dates as well!

Join a Food of the Month Club
Larger businesses offer monthly samples of their company’s products. Join one of these clubs as a couple and get together once a month to test the lovely packages brought to your door. Subscribe to more than one food of the month club and see how you can combine the products together.

If you’d like a more hands-on experience, create your own food of the month club! Put together your own packages of treats to sample together.

pizzacookingeditTake Cooking Classes
Foodies love to learn how to make great gourmet dishes at home. Indulge their thirst for knowledge with a cooking class. Some places even offer date night cooking classes, such as Sur La Table. Cooking classes can be pretty pricey, but with some research you may be able to find some that are free. Check out local bakeries and specialty food retailers for classes. Or if it just so happens that you know how to do something your sweetheart doesn’t, host your own cooking class!

Create Your Own Cookbook
Do you have some family recipes you both want to pass down to your children? Or maybe you want to give a personalized gift to family and friends? Create a cookbook together. Combine favorite recipes in your book, adding in cooking advice, your special love story, and any bits of wisdom on love and life that you want to pass on. To mass produce your book, you may want to use a fundraiser publisher such as For only a few copies, sites like should work well.

Thought: Don’t have enough recipes for a book? Why not try making a custom calendar? Create a collage each month of family photos and a special recipe to share.

Attend a Food Festival
Fruit festivals, Greek festivals, or BBQs all can hold plenty of excitement for a foodie. Local festivals are rarely in short supply, and they offer great samples. Be aware that some food festivals require tickets to be purchased in advance, or tickets may have to be purchased on site in order to taste food. Keep an eye out in the local newspaper for events, or check out

view of athens town from the restaurant of lycabetus hillVisit a Foodie City
A food lover will never turn down a bit of travel to enjoy high quality food. Plan a day trip around a nearby city that is known for its food. Big cities are the most impressive way to go, but a little research reveals great small towns that offer hard to find treats. Pay special attention to the type of cuisine your sweetheart likes best, then find a city well known for it.

Dates for Animal Lovers

Does your sweetheart melt at pictures of puppies? Do they coo over the kittens at the pet store? Do they watch Animal Planet religiously? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions perhaps you should consider a date with your animal lover in mind.

lions2Hit the Zoo or Aquarium
One of the most obvious date ideas for animal lovers is a trip to the zoo or to an aquarium. Tours, events, and entertainment are readily available at practically any zoo or aquarium. Create your own scavenger hunt or wild animal bingo board, view special exhibits, join in special events, and talk with zoo keepers to find out fascinating facts about the animals you are visiting.

Do Some Wildlife Watching
There are many types of wildlife watching for all preferences and price ranges. Take a boat out to do whale or dolphin watching, find specialty parks dedicated to butterfly viewing, go scuba diving to see underwater wonders, or grab a pair of binoculars and do some bird watching in your backyard. Research what’s available in your area.

Go See the Circus
Even people who say they don’t like the circus secretly like the circus. The circus is an energetic, lively place for animal lovers and non-animal lovers alike. Witness many exotic animals, see daring shows, and talk to incredibly talented acrobats and magicians. The circus is a great place to get in touch with your inner child and your inner animal lover.

Visit a Farm or Petting Zoosheep2
For a more rustic feel, try visiting a local farm or petting zoo. These types of places are usually cheap to visit and don’t take up as much time as going to a large zoo or animal park. Interact with cows, sheep, goats, and other farm animals, then set up a small picnic nearby and discuss what it would be like to live on a farm.

Go Horseback Riding
Another classic choice for animal lovers is the romantic horseback ride. Look for a local horseback riding facility, or sweep your sweetheart off to a weekend getaway complete with a day of riding. Looking for something a little more exotic than horses? Try camel or elephant riding. These sorts of animals are harder to find, but they are often at Renaissance festivals or other large festivals, and you can always visit another country if needbe!

Take Your Dog Out to Dinner
There is a small percentage of restaurants that allow your loyal canine companion to accompany you and your date to dinner. (They might even have a separate menu for your dog!) Check out to see what restaurants in your area cater to your canine’s needs as well as your own. After a filling dinner, take a moonlight stroll with your sweetheart and your pooch.

dogshow2Watch the Show
Plenty of dog and cat competitions are broadcasted on television. Check your local listings for any shows coming up, then base an evening on watching the show. Make cookies shaped like dog biscuits or make puppy chow to snack on during the show. Give each animal your own scores, tallying up to see who you would pick as the winner. If there are no pet competitions on, you can always plan a special viewing of a wildlife documentary or a kids program on animals.

Head Out on a Wild Safari
Feeling adventurous? See if you can find a wildlife safari in your area. Scattered across the United States are large animal reserves that offer safari rides and other tourist attractions. Look for one near you, or book a trip to another country and try one of their safaris!

Valentine’s Day Randomizer

pinkdice2We want to make Valentine’s Day special yet easy for you. We fear that Valentine’s Day might over-whelm you – or worse, under-whelm you – and your plans will fall short of awesomeness.

So let’s make this easy: grab a die and roll it for each category below. Add your own romantic spin on each idea (see our article, The Art of Creative Romance) and voila – You have a solid Valentine’s Day date. (You can use this for anniversaries and birthdays as well. You’re welcome.)

Valentine’s Day Morning
1- Have flowers sent to their house around the time they wake up
2- Put a love letter under their windshield wiper
3- Make your sweetheart breakfast in bed or go out on a breakfast picnic
4- Be their singing wake up call
5- Leave a gift on their door step. Ring the door bell. Run away. (Even if you’re married!)
6- Give them a neck or foot massage before they go to work

Valentine’s Day Evening
1- Go dancing – whether it’s at a restaurant, club, studio, or at home
2- Cook an intimate dinner at home, proceeded by a board or card game
3- Attend a show, play, or concert
4- Go out to dinner, choosing a fancy place you rarely visit or a special place out of town
5- Go to a local event or place (check your newspaper or city website for ideas)
6- Turn a room of your house into a getaway

What Gift You Should Buy Your Sweetheart
1- Specialty food item they love, such as wine, tea, chocolate, spices, etc
2- Something R&R related, such as spa treatments, a hammock, massage chair, a vacation trip, etc
3- Something media related, like a CD, movie, video game, comic, or book
4- Something you can do together, such as a board game, event tickets, or a hobby project
5- A handmade gift – like a poem, wall hanging, bookmarks, etc
6- Something for outdoor use, such as tools, picnic supplies, sports equipment, or a swing for two

What You Should Write in Their Card (Yes, they get a card.)
1- Reasons you love them
2- Reasons why you appreciate them
3- A special memory of the two of you
4- How they’ve changed you for the better
5- Why you never plan to leave them
6- Why they are a great husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend

What You Should Tell Them Face to Face (Just fill in the blank.)
1- I appreciate your ____________
2- The thing I love most about you is ____________
3- You’ve taught me that ____________
4- I knew I loved you when ____________
5- My favorite memory of you is ____________
6- I’m so grateful that ____________