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Write This Down


Never under-estimate the power of a journal. A journal can help you organize your weeks, it can enrich your life, or it can help you discover yourself. Everyone should have a journal this year, and here are some ideas of what kind of journals you can keep.

Date Night Journal 

Write down any fun date ideas you run into. Write down date ideas for staying in, going out, and going all out. Write down theaters, parks, attractions, and events in your area. Write down day trip ideas, weekend adventures, and getaways you’d like to plan for.

You can also use your date night journal as a record, keeping track of all the dates you’ve been on. Include the date, what you did, and rate how much you enjoyed the venue. Looking at your record, you may realize that you’ve planned too many nights in and it’s time for a night out. Or you may realize based on your sweetheart’s ratings that they really enjoyed going to scenic areas, so you can plan a special date around their preference.

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Five Themed Love Letters

fivethemedlovelettersThe classic love letter has been promoted through the ages as one of the most romantic gestures -and it is! A love letter is something that can be kept close to the heart for years; it is something that can bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face in any season. But sometimes it’s hard to know what to write about – what “theme” your love letter should have.

The Appreciation Love Letter
Everyone likes a thank you note. Whether your sweetheart has gone above and beyond the call of duty, or has faithfully stood by the mundane, a thank you love letter is sure to encourage them and make them feel appreciated. Appreciate their small deeds, their large contributions, their hard work, their thoughtful gestures, or their uplifting personality. These letters are not required to be long, but definitely must be sincere.

Susan, Thank you for providing breakfast for me and the kids every single morning. Whether it’s a bowl of cereal or a plate full of pancakes, you make sure our day starts off well. Thank you for taking such great care of us. I love you.

The Memory Love Letter
Search your mind for a favorite memory of you and your sweetheart. What was a date you both had that you still reminisce about? What did they do yesterday morning that was adorable? What did they do ten years ago the cinched your decision to spend your life with them? Your sweetheart won’t remember little details about your relationship in the same way you will. Let them in on the sweetness of your memories.

Find stationary that relates to your memory, such as a card with a Ferris wheel on it if you have a memory of you two at the county fair. Fold in a picture to go along with it. Write about tender old memories as well as the memories you would like to make in the future.

Remember that beautiful night – not long after we had met – that we went hiking after midnight with friends of yours? Halfway up the mountain you and I sat and talked, looking up at the stars and exchanging casual banter. Then you made a joke that made me laugh for what seemed like forever. I was laughing so much that you couldn’t help but laugh as long as I did. You didn’t know it, but that was the first time I truly laughed in a long time. I felt like my soul could breathe again. I hope that memory is as warm to you as it has been to me all these years.

The Cutsie Love Letter
If you have a hard time with romance, the next best thing is adorable. Pull out your inner child and shower your sweetheart with cheesy cuteness that is sure to cheer them up for the day. With a cutsie love letter, there is no need for correct spelling or grammar, or incredibly deep thought. Just write a couple of fun sentences to make your sweetheart smile. Draw cartoons, hearts, rainbows, or animals next to your message; or use stickers, glitter, or other craft supplies.

You make me smilez. I <3 youze!

The Victorian Love Lettervictorian2
Guys, appeal to your woman’s inner Jane Austen fangirl. (Or gals, appeal to your man’s inner steampunk fanboy.) Write a classic love letter using the old-fashioned language that proves English can be just as romantic as French or Italian. Victorian language mainly consists of adverbs, passive voice, and as many syllables as possible. If you can say something in five words, change it so it lasts for twelve.

Even though Victorian English sounds flowery and inefficient, it should be pointed out that a love letter should not be written in the same tone as a business letter. If you want to sound professional, write a cover letter. If you want to sound like you’re in love, slab on a thick layer of flowery.

Dearest Ellen, My heart grows weary with every passing day that I don’t find you beside me. I am often in awe of the scenery here; the beauty that surrounds me is undeniable. But this form of beauty cannot soothe my soul like that of the sound of your voice. Although I am not dissatisfied with the blessings before me, I count down the days where I will see you again. You are constantly in my thoughts. -Yours, Edgar

The Mystery Love Letter
Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Provoke your sweetheart’s curiosity with a coded love message. Write it in Morse Code, reversed alphabet, or even in another language. Turn the message into a puzzle, or create a crossword or word search. Challenge your sweetheart with translating your message, making sure the trouble equals the reward.

2 15 14 – 9  8 1 4  1 14  1 13 1 26 9 14 7  20 9 13 5  25 5 20 5 18 4 1 25. 9  3 1 14′ 20  23 1 9 20  20 15  19 5 5  25 15 21  17 19 14. -13 5 12 15 4 25 (Ben – I had an amazing time yesterday. I can’t wait to see you again. – Melody) 

Do you have any love note theme ideas? Write them in the comments!

Romantic Return Form

form2tnEvery April 15th, we struggle and strive to get those pesky tax returns done on time.  If only returns could be more fun.  Well, now they can be!  Download our Romantic Return Form to give to your spouse.  Our return form gives your spouse a prize for being the amazing person that they are. If you don’t like our returns, download our Blank Return Form and write in your own prizes.

Note: For best results, download the PDF file and print that file, instead of printing straight from the browser.



Gift Idea: Romantic Fill in the Blank Coupons

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWant a fresh twist on the romantic coupon scene? Try out these fun fill-in-the-blank coupons! Let your sweetheart choose what they desire for the evening. These coupons encourage your date to be fun and creative with their responses. Maybe they like a candlelit mac ‘n’ cheese dinner? Or perhaps drinks at a café in the next state over?

We’ve made 10 different fill-in-the-blank coupons for you, plus two completely blank coupons for whatever sweet interlude your date wishes!

Just print our fill-in-the-blank-coupons on white card stock paper, wrap with ribbon, and enjoy!


Gift Idea: Treasure Hunt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEveryone loves a good find. Try this fun little gift presentation for your next great gift!

Grab a little treasure box from your local craft store and decorate the box with paint, gems, or markers.

Now hide your treasure box. There is the traditional method of burying it in the backyard, or you can try a slightly less traditional approach like hiding it in your microwave or dryer. Hide it in a dresser drawer, under the bed, behind a book in the bookshelf, under the kitchen sink, in the refrigerator, or in a filing cabinet – There are many possibilities no matter where you live.

Now to create the clues to find it. Draw a treasure map, create a riddle, write a message in a secret code. The more lavish the gift, the harder the clue!

Treasure Ideas:

  • Tickets to a play or game
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume/cologne
  • Promise ring
  • Hand written note
  • Gift card to their favorite store
  • Hard candy
  • MP3 player
  • Movie tickets
  • A flash drive with pictures of the two of you on it
  • A poem you wrote about them
  • A card from the place you made dinner reservations
  • Membership card to a club you signed them up for
  • Romantic coupons
  • Something antique with a story behind it

Craft Idea: Pumpkin Centerpiece

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFall produces a lot of wonderful pumpkins for decorating. Why not make a romantic centerpiece for your table?

1 small pumpkin
Pumpkin carving knife
Spoon (to clean out pumpkin)
A small assortment of flowers
1 LED tealight candle (Not a real tealight candle)

Rinse off the pumpkin, then carve a large hole in the top around the stem. Gently pull off the “lid” and toss out. Clean out pumpkin seeds using a spoon, and scissors if need be. Put pumpkin seeds in a dish to be baked later. (See recipe below.)

With a pencil or pen, lightly draw your design on the pumpkin. Make it a heart, a message, or something that is symbolic of your love. Carefully carve it out of the pumpkin.

Get a bouquet of flowers and cut the stems. Note that these flowers won’t last very long without water. You can use fake flowers if you’d like, or simply leave the flowers in the centerpiece for the duration of dinner and then put them into a vase afterward.

Needless to say, don’t use a candle in this pumpkin while there are flowers in it. For a firelight flickering effect, use an LED candle.

Pumpkin Seed Recipe: Put pumpkin seeds in a strainer and rinse, removing the excess pumpkin membrane. Spread out pumpkin seeds on a greased cookie sheet, add some salt, and put in the oven at 350° for about 15 minutes.

10 Romantic Computer Projects

computer2Technology isn’t just for personal convenience, it can also be used creatively for romance! Here are some romantic ideas related to your home computer that you can use to impress and touch the heart of your special sweetheart.

#1- Make a Slideshow
Use Powerpoint or Windows Movie Maker to create a slide show of special memories of you and your love. Pick a combination of pictures from a certain special event or choose a variety of pictures from many special events and set the pictures to music. Give the photos effects such as a sepia tone or make them black and white. Set up a special screening of your presentation.

#2- Make a Photo Collage
Using Photoshop or GIMP, combine some photos from an event to make a collage. Put this collage on a flash drive and then take it down to get it developed into a large picture. Frame it and give it as a gift.

#3- Create a Blog or Personal Website
A romantic blog can be a fun way to tell others about your romantic journey together, or about your engagement and wedding plans. You can use WordPress or Blogger, or sites that make it simple to put together a website such as Webstarts or Webs. Pick a theme for your blog or website and make it a habit to update it once a week together.

#4- Create a Desktop Wallpaper
Find a few pictures and add some text to them using Photoshop or Picmonkey. Give them uplifting or romantic messages so that your sweetheart has a reminder of how much you adore them every time they turn on the computer. Email the wallpaper to them, or surprise them and change their background when they’re away from their computer.

#5- Make Love Coupons
Create coupons such as “One coupon good for eating at the restaurant of your choice” or “One coupon good for a 10 minute foot rub.” Buy a little box to keep the coupons in and present it to your love. Throw out the coupons when they’ve been spent or keep them somewhere safe and reuse them. This is a great project because you can create it in something as simple as a word processor.

#6- Create an Animated GIF
Make something simple like a beating heart or get elaborate and make GIF designs of you and your sweetheart flirting. This takes some skill and programs like Photoshop, GIF Construction Set, or JASC Animation Shop, but if you can do it it’s sure to make an impression.

#7- Create an eCard
Create a small file in Photoshop or GIMP around 500px x 400px then pair a sweet photo with a cheerful and romantic sentiment. Animate it with Flash or even Windows Movie Maker, taking different photos and fading them into one another. At a loss for words? Use poetry or famous quotes to go with your pictures. If you’re having a hard time finding photos, use stock.xchge for copyright-free photos.

#8- Make a Game
If you have a lot of computer skills, make a game for your love. Make it as simple as catching hearts with the cursor, or make it complicated as a RPG. Use Flash, Game Maker, or ADRIFT (for text adventures) to make your game.

#9- Digital Scrapbook
Create digital scrapbook pages using Photoshop or GIMP, and either print them and make a book out of them, or build a website and post them. You can use different free digital scrapbooking sites such as Shabby Princess, Free Digital Scrapbooking, or ScrapbookFlair.

#10- Compose a Song
What’s more romantic than a love song made especially for your love? Even if you’re not exceptionally musically talented, you can use programs like JamStudio and Audacity to create simple songs for that special someone.

Gift Idea: Anniversary Journal

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANeed a quick – but thoughtful – anniversary gift? How about a collection of all your anniversary memories?

1 package of assorted card stock 8″x11″
Hole punch
2 or 3 1-inch book rings
Scrapbooking materials (stickers, ribbons, etc)
Glue (clear or craft)
Printer (optional)

Decide on what size book you want to make. You can make it either the full 8″x11″ or you can cut the card stock in half for a smaller book. It’s best to use light-colored card stock with very few patterns if you want to write straight into the book.

Design each page using either scrapbooking materials or your word processor and printer. Organize and divide the book for each year, leaving room for memories on each page.

Memories to put in your book:
-> What you did for your anniversary
-> Exciting events that year
-> What you learned as a couple
-> New things you learned about your spouse that you love
-> Hardships you overcame that year
-> Advice that kept you working at your marriage
-> Photos from your anniversary