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Eater Egg Date


Why do kids get to have all the fun when it comes to Easter egg activities? Grown-ups can enjoy a basket of eggs, too! In fact, why not incorporate a basket of eggs for date night? Here’s three ideas on how to do so.

Pop Quiz
Have a basket of eggs, filled with special treats. Make a list of questions about yourself, such as “What is my favorite vegetable?”, or “What year did I graduate high school”, or “What was my favorite childhood TV show?” Write your answers next to the question and hide your paper. Take turns asking your sweetheart questions about yourself. The right answer equals an egg of goodies. The person with the least amount of eggs at the end loses!

Scavenger Hunt
Decide on a date night activity, gift, or message you want to give your sweetheart. Scatter eggs around the house with hints on where to find the gift or what the date night will be. If you’re doing a message, do one word in each egg and let your sweetheart arrange the words.

Truth or Dare
Divide eggs in half and have each person fill their eggs with a truth or a dare. Mix up the eggs in a basket and take turns picking one. Whoever answers the most questions and does the most dares wins!

Bonus Idea: Fill It Up
Fill up their car with Easter eggs. If you can fill up the entire car, you’re my hero. But you can make smaller goals too, like filling the glove compartment, the backseat, or the trunk. Put a reason why you love them in each egg. It’s a great way to boost their morning commute!

What are some other fun things to do with Easter eggs? Comment below!

Romantic Stocking Stuffers


Getting your sweetheart the perfect gift (or at least, one that passes as thoughtful) is normally the main focus of the holiday season, but much romantic opportunity is missed when overlooking one of the most exciting elements of gift giving in December: the stocking. Little trinkets and gadgets are the best way to send a message to your sweetheart about your feelings. In fact, here are some gift ideas that will speak your mind perfectly.

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Halloween Ideas for Couples


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Valentine’s Day Randomizer

pinkdice2We want to make Valentine’s Day special yet easy for you. We fear that Valentine’s Day might over-whelm you – or worse, under-whelm you – and your plans will fall short of awesomeness.

So let’s make this easy: grab a die and roll it for each category below. Add your own romantic spin on each idea (see our article, The Art of Creative Romance) and voila – You have a solid Valentine’s Day date. (You can use this for anniversaries and birthdays as well. You’re welcome.)

Valentine’s Day Morning
1- Have flowers sent to their house around the time they wake up
2- Put a love letter under their windshield wiper
3- Make your sweetheart breakfast in bed or go out on a breakfast picnic
4- Be their singing wake up call
5- Leave a gift on their door step. Ring the door bell. Run away. (Even if you’re married!)
6- Give them a neck or foot massage before they go to work

Valentine’s Day Evening
1- Go dancing – whether it’s at a restaurant, club, studio, or at home
2- Cook an intimate dinner at home, proceeded by a board or card game
3- Attend a show, play, or concert
4- Go out to dinner, choosing a fancy place you rarely visit or a special place out of town
5- Go to a local event or place (check your newspaper or city website for ideas)
6- Turn a room of your house into a getaway

What Gift You Should Buy Your Sweetheart
1- Specialty food item they love, such as wine, tea, chocolate, spices, etc
2- Something R&R related, such as spa treatments, a hammock, massage chair, a vacation trip, etc
3- Something media related, like a CD, movie, video game, comic, or book
4- Something you can do together, such as a board game, event tickets, or a hobby project
5- A handmade gift – like a poem, wall hanging, bookmarks, etc
6- Something for outdoor use, such as tools, picnic supplies, sports equipment, or a swing for two

What You Should Write in Their Card (Yes, they get a card.)
1- Reasons you love them
2- Reasons why you appreciate them
3- A special memory of the two of you
4- How they’ve changed you for the better
5- Why you never plan to leave them
6- Why they are a great husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend

What You Should Tell Them Face to Face (Just fill in the blank.)
1- I appreciate your ____________
2- The thing I love most about you is ____________
3- You’ve taught me that ____________
4- I knew I loved you when ____________
5- My favorite memory of you is ____________
6- I’m so grateful that ____________

Formula For a Great Valentine’s Day Date


If you want to have a memorable Valentine’s Day that your sweetheart will enjoy, follow this simple formula:

1 Part Male Initiation
Although couples may trade off the romantic reins during the year, the man should do the planning and arranging for Valentine’s Day. Why? Because a woman feels beautiful when her man pursues her, and the man is thrilled when she responds to his pursuit! Instantly, the date will be more romantic and energized.

1 Part Personalization
When did over-priced restaurants and a box of chocolates become the norm for Valentine’s Day? Ensure that your gestures of affection are personalized. Instead of picking out an expensive place to dine, pick somewhere that reflects your date’s interests and preferences.

Gifts should have thought and personalization as well. As beautiful as a generic diamond necklace is, it is much more memorable to buy a favorite gemstone or birthstone. All Valentine’s Day gifts should be romantic and personalized.

1 Part Grooming
Nothing says lazy and uninterested like failing to bathe. It does not matter if you are having a relaxing dinner at home or going out, you should put some effort into your hygiene and dress. Buy new clothes and get a haircut if you have to. Not only does this show your date that you are interested in them, but it will keep your date interested in you!

1 Part Gush
If you have not told your woman lately how gorgeous she is or how well she takes care of the house, here’s the perfect time. If it has been ages since you told your man how much you appreciate his hard work or his sense of humor, here’s the chance. Try to refrain from any criticizing, nagging, or complaining during this day. Talk about what you love about each other. Talk about how you felt when you first met. Talk about your future together. Gush, admire, appreciate, and adore your sweetheart.

12 Days of Love-Mas

starOn the first day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: A full day of nothing but us
Schedule a day where from sunrise to sunset, it is nothing but you two. No phones, no emails, no tag-alongs – just you and you love.

On the second day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 2 concert tickets
Pick a band your partner loves and buy tickets for you both to go see them live. Don’t pick a band you like and they are okay with listening to, pick one of their favorites.

On the third day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 3 different kisses

Be creative with your kisses on this day. Try something weird like an upside-down kiss, something classic like a kiss to the hand, or something traditional like a mistletoe kiss.

On the fourth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 4 new hubcaps

When was the last time you bought something car-related for your sweetheart? Buy them some shiny new hubcaps that really makes their car pop.

On the fifth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 5 minute hugs

Hug your partner at least 5 times today, for 5 minutes each. See how much 25 minutes of hugging a day can improve your relationship.

On the sixth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 6 scoop sundae
Make the ultimate romantic sundae. Use 6 scoops of your sweetheart’s favorite ice cream and toppings. (Not yours!) Surprise them with it when they get home. Share the sundae together by candlelight.

On the seventh day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 7 love letters
Write your sweetheart a love letter each day this week, but don’t give them to him or her until the end of the week. Wrap the letters in a bow and leave them on the doorstep or their pillow.

On the eighth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 8 compliments
Try giving your sweetheart 8 compliments in one day. Spread them out over the day and see how it cheers your sweetheart up. Every relationship could do with a few more compliments.

On the ninth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 9 heart shaped cookies
Bake some homemade cookies and carefully decorate each one lovingly. Wrap in a box and give as an elegant, surprise gift.

On the tenth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 10 reasons why I’m loved
Tell your love 10 reasons why you adore them. Be specific and elaborate. For example, anyone could have “pretty eyes” but your love has “deep, emerald eyes that piece through the heart every time someone looks into them.”

On the eleventh day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 11 romantic songs
Pick 11 romantic songs that have special meaning to you. Put them on a CD or MP3 player and give them to your sweetheart. For ideas on songs, check out our article “Love Song CD” for song ideas.

On the twelfth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 12 white roses
White roses symbolize honor and purity. They are usually used for marriages as a reminder of new beginnings. Attach a vow to your white roses, promising an honoring attitude towards your relationship.

Lucky Number 14

heartIn Korea, the 14th of every month is an unofficial holiday dedicated to couples. How inspiring! Add these holidays to your calendar:

Jan 14th– Diary Day
The idea behind this holiday is to exchange journals or diaries for the new year. So this year, make a romantic journal that has a record of your different dates, special memories you have with each other, or you can even write letters to one another by exchanging the book.

If you’re single, buy a journal and write letters to your future spouse. Present this journal to them on your wedding day.

February 14th– Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is celebrated a little different in Korea, because on this day, only the girls give gifts. The guys are then supposed to wait until March 14th to return the favor. So ladies: spoil your guy. Valentine’s Day is not all about what he’s doing for you, but what you can do for him as well. Do something a bit more masculine on Valentine’s Day, such as a sporting event, hiking, or rock-climbing If he asks where you want to go for dinner, say the name of his favorite restaurant instead of yours.

If you’re a single woman, show your appreciation to the other men in your life, such as your dad, your uncle, or your nephews. Single guys should schedule a night out camping, fishing, or throwing a LAN party.

March 14th– White Day
This is the day that the men are supposed to return their lady love’s affection. So completely spoil her on this day. Schedule her an appointment to get a manicure, take her to an elegant restaurant, or give her a basket full of goodies.

Single guys should spoil the women in their lives such as their mother, aunts, or nieces. Single ladies should have a girl’s night out by going to the movies, going dancing, or even throwing a pajama party.

April 14th– Black Day
This is the day where single people who didn’t receive gifts on Valentine’s Day or White Day show their sorrow by going out and eating black noodles.

This is a single’s day. Gather your single friends and spend some quality time together. If you’re in a relationship, gather up old friends you haven’t seen in awhile.

May 14th – Rose Dayflower
It’s easy to figure out what this holiday is about by just looking at the title. Send your sweetheart romantic roses.

Meanings of Roses
Red: Love and commitment
Pink: Admiration and gratefulness
White: Purity and true love
Orange: Passion and intensity
Purple: Enchantment and love at first sight
Yellow: Joy and friendship (Platonic rose color)

This day is also considered Yellow Day in Korea, in which single people eat yellow curry rice. Why not use this day to go out on the town or to the beach? Soak up the sun then hit an Asian style restaurant afterwards.

June 14th– Kiss Day
Use your imagination. This day is probably the most fun to celebrate. Go to five or ten different places and take a picture of you kissing your love in each spot.

If you’re single, go out and buy a few bags of chocolate kisses. Give them friends and coworkers, or even give them out to complete strangers.

July 15th– Silver Day
This is a day to exchange small, silver gifts. Give your partner or someone you care for a token of appreciation, such as a symbolic necklace or bracelet.

August 14th– Green Day
This is a go-outdoors-and-enjoy-nature day. Single or dating, this is a perfect day to go out on a picnic, go for a nature hike, or do some adventuring around local scenic attractions.

September 14th– Photo Day
Photo day is simply a day to take pictures together as a couple. Find romantic places to take pictures or have your pictures professionally taken. Make a collage or slide show with your new pictures.

Single folks can get pictures taken with family or close friends, or can adventure out into scenic areas and take pictures of certain themes such as road signs, funky cars, or furniture people leave on the side of the road.

October 14th– Wine Day
Wine is a wonderfully romantic drink and is good for your heart. Have a wine and chocolate picnic (link), or schedule to tour a wine factory with your love or a close friend.

November 14th– Movie Day
Pick out an old movie, the first movie you ever saw together, or go to a specialty theater. Gather friends and have a movie marathon. If you’re not in the mood for the movies, feel free to check out local community theaters for plays and shows.

December 14th– Hug Day
The simplest of the holidays, Hug Day is a day to give out hugs. Give out hugs to family and friends. As a couple, try for your longest cuddling record.

14 Days of Valentines

heartChristmas gets 12 days, so why can’t Valentine’s get something too? Don’t wait to show affection till the 14th. Follow this calendar to make the next two weeks memorable.

We highly suggest everyone does the “Singles” prompts. Don’t forget about the other people in your life that aren’t your sweetheart!

All: Write down the amazing character attributes of God.  (Merciful, righteous, wonderful, good, creative, loving, etc) Sit back and stare in awe at His glorious nature.

Him: Hand-write her a love letter. Drop it off at the post office to be sent– even if you live together
Her: Send him a love email
Singles: Write a thank you card for your parents

Him: Call her and tell her that you are thinking about her
Her: Text him and say that you miss him
Singles: Text/email someone you lost touch with

Him: Take her to whatever movie she wants to see
Her: Buy him snacks at the concession stand while you’re at the movies
Singles: Go to the movies with a friend you’ve known at least 5 years

Him: Organize a picnic breakfast in the park
Her: Bring him his favorite smoothie for breakfast
Singles: Make a full breakfast for your entire household

All: Spend time with your First Love. Make a list of things to thank Him for. Then thank Him.

Him: Buy her a potted plant and leave it on her doorstep with a note.
Her: Buy his favorite ice cream and drop it off at his fridge with a note.
Singles: Take your best friend to his/her favorite cafe for drinks.

Him: Email her a song that reminds you of your first kiss
Her: Email him a song that reminds you of your first date
Singles: Email someone a stupid song from when you were in middle/high school and laugh about it

Him: Take today to groom yourself for your woman. Pluck your eyebrows. Do your laundry. Buy cologne.
Her: Beautify yourself for your guy. Paint your nails. Use a pumice stone on your feet. Get a haircut
Singles: Spoil yourself completely

Him: Offer to wash her pet
Her: Offer to wash his car
Singles: Offer someone in your neighborhood to do either of the two mentioned above

Him: Take her to her favorite restaurant .
Her: Buy him a book and surprise him with it at dinner.
Singles: Contact the people you rarely talk to on your Facebook/Myspace/Email list and leave a short message

Him: Make her dinner
Her: Bake him a cake
Singles: Bake cookies for a specific group. (Such as coworkers, Bible study, math class, etc.)

All: Look over the last year and write down all the things God has done for you and those around you. Give Him praise for always looking out for you and the people you care about.

All: Spoil someone unconditionally, without any complaint, without any selfish motivations, and no holding back. Have a good holiday, everybody!