How Do You Feel About Online Dating?

computerlatenightIt’s hard to ignore the amount of online dating services available. Even Christians have their own subcategory of online dating services such as Christian Mingle, Christian People Meet, and Christian Dating for Free. But are these online services really a good place to look for a long-lasting relationship?

This week’s poll question: How do you feel about online dating? Do you think it’s a good idea? Why or why not?

This can be a hot topic, especially among Christian circles. When I was at Focus Leadership Institute last year, our class had a discussion on this topic. Some students and instructors opposed it, others thought it to be a legitimate way to meet someone as long as you proceeded with caution.

Let me just throw out there that all relationships should be proceeded into with great caution. Lying is not confined only to the internet. Any relationship can be dangerous if you rush into it.

If you’re going to date someone you met online, here is my advice:

1 – Meet as soon as possible. Don’t fall in love with someone’s internet persona instead of their real selves.

2 – Stay public. Don’t meet at your house, or their house, or their friend’s house. Meet in public, and take a friend if you have one that is available.

3 – Watch for red flags. Make sure they have more than one picture on their profile page because anyone can grab a fake picture from the internet. Also when you do meet, take note of how honest their webpage is compared to who they are in real life.

All relationships have potential dangers. There are, however, some wonderful relationships that have started online and blossomed into a relationship that glorifies God. I think my favorite view on this topic is something my roommate at Focus said: “God can bring together people in any way He wants. You can’t put God’s methods in a box.”

How do you feel about online dating services? Are you for or against them?

  • Emily Woods

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