Date Idea: Snow Date

snowmanDespite its frigid temperature and hassle of shoveling it from your driveway, snow can be a romantic interlude when given the chance. Turn a snowy day into an unforgettable date with your partner.

Playing in the Snow

The snow is full of activities for children-at-heart. Bundle yourself up, hit the slopes, and find ways to have great fun in the snow with your date!

Building a snowman is a traditional snow day activity. There are all kinds of snowmen (or women) to build, but try to add a little twist to your snowmen to make it more romantic. Build a snowman that reflects your partner’s personality. Build a snow couple. Build a snow family with a pet dog.

Snow Sculpture
If you want a better challenge than a snowman, make a snow sculpture instead. Take a photo of something you’d like to carve out of the snow, or invent something as you go. Do something sweet like a giant heart, or do something impressive like “The Thinker” by Rodin.

You can even make a snow city! Make square blocks of snow and carve them out to be sky scrapers, apartment complexes, and little cars. Destroy it like Godzilla afterward.

Snowshoe Hiking
Don’t let the winter weather stop you from taking a look around the scenery! Hop on a snowshoe hike tour and embrace the snow in all its glory. Take photos of the snow in the trees, the scenic view from the top, and your date as you both freeze and sweat at the same time.

Outdoor Fort
Build an outdoor fort out of snow, branches, or whatever else you can find. Make it big enough to walk into. Shape it like an igloo. Make it into a replica of a studio apartment. Whatever you decide, have fun making it together then crawl inside and share some hot chocolate.

Sleigh Ride
The ultimate romantic memory. A sleigh ride has a sort of magical quality to it and is naturally romantic. Find this service and jump on it.

Snowmobile Ride
If a sleigh ride is too slow for you, jump on a snowmobile. There are actually snow mobiles built for two and it’s a thrilling way to explore the scenery. Use a snowmobile to take your date to a remote location that includes a hot picnic lunch.

It doesn’t matter if you use a plastic garbage bin lid or an inner tube, sledding down the side of a mountain is a lot of fun. Go to the mountains and go to a park that provides the tubes, or look for a fun place close to home. Ride double or race each other down the hill.

Extreme Sports
Skiing and snowboarding are two thrilling dates for couples who want to get an adrenaline rush. Take a KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAlesson together, or teach your date how to do it. Don’t worry about talent or skill, just have fun going up and down the hill together.

Ice Skating
How can ice skating not be romantic? Hold hands while you skate around a public rink, or a safe pond. Take lessons together if you need to.

Snow Treats
Gather clean snow and add snow cone syrup or other flavored things to it. Make different concoctions and dive in with a spoon.

In Town

Mountain towns thrive on snow days. Check out gift shops and specialty stores, buying trinkets for each other. Check out local foods, or hit every single restaurant in town and decide who as the best hot chocolate.

Snowed In

The weather might be too harsh for any snow fun, or you just may not be in the mood to bundle up and go out. In that case, there are a few fun things you can do inside while you’re snowed in.

Become an Olympian
There are some games out there for the Wii and Playstation that involve winter sports. Pick these up and try your skills with games that provide multiplayer. Compete against each other. Loser has to make dinner.

Become a Entrepreneur
Create a board or card game that has to do with winter or snow activities. Build the game electronically or out of cardboard. You can make it romantic, or you can make a game to play with friends on the next snow day. Once you’re done making the board game, play it by candlelight.

cocoaBecome a Decorator
Create a wreath for your date, family, or friends. Make each wreath personalized, with decorations each person loves, such as favorite flowers and plants, colored ribbons, or popcorn. Or, make a heart-shaped Valentine’s wreath for each other and hang it on your doors. Add notes and trinkets to the wreath if you want.

Indoor Winter Wonderland
If there’s no snow outside your window but you want to give your date a winter wonderland, try building one inside.

Buy artificial snow and cover your living room floor in it. Make trees out of cardboard cut outs or buy a couple cheap, fake ones. Use pine scented candles and start up the fireplace.

Create a picnic on the “snow” and make hot soups and bread for your dinner. Make desserts that are covered in powdered sugar or make snowflake-shaped sugar cookies.

However you want to spend the wintery weather, do it creatively. The snow is a playground of opportunity in romance and fun.