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We are always looking for fresh ideas, personal perspectives, and passionate writers.  If you have an article idea, send it to us at, with the title SUBMISSION. Please do not include attachments, but do include your name and email with your submissions.

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Not sure what to write about? Check out some of our main topics:

The Love of Christ
All relationships are a small reflection of God’s love for us.  Meditating on the way that God loves and pursues His people gives great wisdom to struggling married couples, gives great advice to engaged couples on the hard road ahead, and gives great hope and peace to the heart-broken who feel unloved and unwanted.

Biblical Truths
The Bible has a lot to say about love, marriage, sex, temptation, sin, and suffering   Expanding on these truths strengthens people’s relationships with God and others.

Single, divorced, or widowed, the single season of life has a lot of hardships and trials to face.  We want to encourage others to live to the fullest during this time, as well as heal from the pasts, and provide hope for the future.

Dating is full of confusion, questions, temptations, and dangers.  Those who are navigating the maze of dating could use all the wisdom they can get.

Engagement is an overwhelming time full of questions, doubts, and planning.  Whatever advice you have for the engaged, whether it’s on wedding planning or life planning, can be used to make the transition from single to married a whole lot smoother.

Marriage is a picture of the Lord’s love for His bride. Unfortunately, the world is broken and marriage is not easy.  All married couples need advice, wisdom, hope, and encouragement for the hardships and trials in marriage.

Relationships don’t always work out.  They can leave a devastating affect on the heart and soul.  Those who are suffering need encouragement and hope to keep them going forward in their healing.

Male and Female Design
Men and women are designed differently.  Their souls long for different things, they relate to relationships in different ways, and they have different roles to fulfill in marriage relationships.  Both men and women need to be encouraged in who they are and how they can relate to the opposite sex.

Creative Romance
Romance in marriage is meant to be creative and fun!  Send us date ideas, fun gift and craft ideas, and other articles that inspire creative romance for both dating and married couples.

Sex is everywhere and has been warped by culture and humanity.  Biblical truths on sex and how it affects mankind is important to analyze and discuss.

Organizations Working Towards Purifying Culture
Know any organizations or programs that are currently fighting against sex trafficking, inspiring others to work on their marriages, or encouraging the lost and heartbroken?  Put them in the spotlight.

True Love Stories
Do you know of a marriage that stands as an example to what marriage should look like?  Share it with us!  Send us your story along with a photo of the couple.  (We prefer that couples have been married at least 10 years.)

Media Reviews  
Know any great books, movies, or other forms of media that speaks into the heart of marriage or into the hearts of the hurting?  Share your reviews with us.

Quizzes (5-15 questions)
Anything to do with self discovery, relationships, or just having fun is fine by us! (Do not submit anything that’s all ready on the internet, please.)

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