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Gift Idea: Treasure Hunt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEveryone loves a good find. Try this fun little gift presentation for your next great gift!

Grab a little treasure box from your local craft store and decorate the box with paint, gems, or markers.

Now hide your treasure box. There is the traditional method of burying it in the backyard, or you can try a slightly less traditional approach like hiding it in your microwave or dryer. Hide it in a dresser drawer, under the bed, behind a book in the bookshelf, under the kitchen sink, in the refrigerator, or in a filing cabinet – There are many possibilities no matter where you live.

Now to create the clues to find it. Draw a treasure map, create a riddle, write a message in a secret code. The more lavish the gift, the harder the clue!

Treasure Ideas:

  • Tickets to a play or game
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume/cologne
  • Promise ring
  • Hand written note
  • Gift card to their favorite store
  • Hard candy
  • MP3 player
  • Movie tickets
  • A flash drive with pictures of the two of you on it
  • A poem you wrote about them
  • A card from the place you made dinner reservations
  • Membership card to a club you signed them up for
  • Romantic coupons
  • Something antique with a story behind it

Craft Idea: Relationship Stock Board

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes it’s difficult to find a way to communicate your feelings about your relationship. Talking about things like, “I’d like to go out on more dates.” or “I don’t really feel appreciated.” can end up becoming a nag if approached incorrectly, or can turn into a conflict if confronted at the wrong time.

To get the message across while avoiding a negative start to a conversation, create a relationship stock board. Get a white board or a cork board and divide it up into different categories or “stocks.” Your stocks can be Appreciation, Touch, Flirting, Intimacy, Dates, Quality Time, Sex, or Affirmation.

If you’re using a cork board, create these labels using either markers and paper or your printer. Also, create a pair of arrows for each category, using one color for the man and a different color for the woman. Pin the arrows, pointing up.

When a part of your relationship starts to weaken, pin your arrow facing downwards. This indicates, “I think this category needs some special attention.”

If you see your spouse’s arrow pointing downwards, approach them saying something along the lines of, “Hey, I saw that you think the Quality Time stock is dropping. What can I do to address this part of our relationship?”

Place it in a private area, such as your bedroom. (Guests don’t need to see and question your relationship categories.)

The idea of the board isn’t to replace communication and confronting a situation, but to spark the conversation in a way that avoids retorting out of anger or frustration. It gives the other person a chance to reflect on their actions and a strategy instead of becoming instantly defensive and walking away in frustration.

Craft Idea: Pumpkin Centerpiece

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFall produces a lot of wonderful pumpkins for decorating. Why not make a romantic centerpiece for your table?

1 small pumpkin
Pumpkin carving knife
Spoon (to clean out pumpkin)
A small assortment of flowers
1 LED tealight candle (Not a real tealight candle)

Rinse off the pumpkin, then carve a large hole in the top around the stem. Gently pull off the “lid” and toss out. Clean out pumpkin seeds using a spoon, and scissors if need be. Put pumpkin seeds in a dish to be baked later. (See recipe below.)

With a pencil or pen, lightly draw your design on the pumpkin. Make it a heart, a message, or something that is symbolic of your love. Carefully carve it out of the pumpkin.

Get a bouquet of flowers and cut the stems. Note that these flowers won’t last very long without water. You can use fake flowers if you’d like, or simply leave the flowers in the centerpiece for the duration of dinner and then put them into a vase afterward.

Needless to say, don’t use a candle in this pumpkin while there are flowers in it. For a firelight flickering effect, use an LED candle.

Pumpkin Seed Recipe: Put pumpkin seeds in a strainer and rinse, removing the excess pumpkin membrane. Spread out pumpkin seeds on a greased cookie sheet, add some salt, and put in the oven at 350° for about 15 minutes.

Gift Idea: Hand Painted Mailbox

mailboxPresent your sweetheart with secret love notes using your own personal mailbox!

You will need:
A mailbox or any type of box with a lid from a craft store
Paintbrushes and paint
A hand written love letter

In craft and fabric stores you can pick up a wooden mailbox that is prepped for you to paint. If you can’t find a mailbox, you can use a regular box or even a large treasure box if desired.

Use two coats of whatever base paint you would like. For wooden surfaces, acrylic paint works great and it’s pretty cheap. Make the paint relevant colors, such as your partner’s favorite colors, the colors they were wearing when you first met, the color of their eyes, etc.

The easiest way to paint a wooden surface is to use a stencil. After the base paint has dried, tape the edges of the stencil against the surface and gently paint over the stencil. Use something symbolic or simply romantic.

After you’ve finished painting, use the box on a regular basis to leave notes and trinkets for your sweetheart.

Romantic Popcorn String

popcornMake decorating your tree even more meaningful by making sentimental popcorn strings. This popcorn string has special events and pictures that relates to your relationship.

Index cards or photographs
Safety pens or paper clips
Hole punch


Optional supplies:
Chewy candies

Pop your popcorn and let it sit for a day or so. This will make the popcorn stale and less crumbly.

Cut a long piece of string and fold it in half to make it twice as durable. Look for pieces of popcorn with a thick middle and stick your needle through. Use a thimble or the table to push the needle through tough decorations, such as candies or cranberries. Remember to use more popcorn then heavier decorations or else the string is going to have a hard time staying on the tree! Add glitter or food dye if you wish. If you run out of string, simply knot it off then make another piece and tie the two together.

Take your index cards and punch a hole at the top. Decorate the card with different dates of special events, such as your first date, your first kiss, the date you proposed, etc. Or you can use photographs of you two at those events. (Make a duplicate photo– don’t punch a hole in the original.) Add the card or photo anywhere on the string using a paperclip or safety pin.

Now decorate your tree with it and sit back, reminiscing about your relationship.