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Eater Egg Date


Why do kids get to have all the fun when it comes to Easter egg activities? Grown-ups can enjoy a basket of eggs, too! In fact, why not incorporate a basket of eggs for date night? Here’s three ideas on how to do so.

Pop Quiz
Have a basket of eggs, filled with special treats. Make a list of questions about yourself, such as “What is my favorite vegetable?”, or “What year did I graduate high school”, or “What was my favorite childhood TV show?” Write your answers next to the question and hide your paper. Take turns asking your sweetheart questions about yourself. The right answer equals an egg of goodies. The person with the least amount of eggs at the end loses!

Scavenger Hunt
Decide on a date night activity, gift, or message you want to give your sweetheart. Scatter eggs around the house with hints on where to find the gift or what the date night will be. If you’re doing a message, do one word in each egg and let your sweetheart arrange the words.

Truth or Dare
Divide eggs in half and have each person fill their eggs with a truth or a dare. Mix up the eggs in a basket and take turns picking one. Whoever answers the most questions and does the most dares wins!

Bonus Idea: Fill It Up
Fill up their car with Easter eggs. If you can fill up the entire car, you’re my hero. But you can make smaller goals too, like filling the glove compartment, the backseat, or the trunk. Put a reason why you love them in each egg. It’s a great way to boost their morning commute!

What are some other fun things to do with Easter eggs? Comment below!

Make Movie Night Magical


Ah, the cinema. The collaboration of hundreds of talents, ranging from filmography to acting, from costume to set design, from production to directing. Cast and crew spend months of long hours fulfilling their visions, hoping to tell the stories from their hearts. And now it has become a lifeless, effortless date night option. The shame!

Although dinner and a movie isn’t considered the most impressive of date night choices, it has a lot of creative possibilities. If you want to make movie night magical, you have to create the magic yourself!

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Halloween Ideas for Couples


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The Art of Creative Romance

lookRomance can be an intimidating word. Thanks to high-budget chick flicks and imaginative romance novels, it feels like the bar for romance keeps getting higher and higher. The truth is, romance is not as complicated as it seems. It’s not particularly elaborate, expensive, or theatrical. It does, however, take a bit of planning and thought; but overall, romance comes down to five basic things: personalization, presentation, variety, planning, and a special twist.

Say your sweetheart knows you love baseball and decides their next romantic gesture should involve that particular sport. If they bought you a random jersey from a random team you might appreciate it, but it wouldn’t have half the impact as them buying you a jersey with your favorite player’s name on it, right? Relationships involve knowing and appreciating another person for who they are. The best way to show someone you adore them is to include who they are in your romantic gestures. What do they like? What do they dislike? What makes them happy? What styles are they into? What do they prefer? Pay close attention to who your sweetheart is – after all, that’s who you fell in love with.

Buying a woman a dozen roses and handing them to her is romantic, yes. But how much more romantic is it to take those dozen roses and placing them on the ground one by one, leading from her front door to a love letter on the bed? Presentation is a big part of romance. It doesn’t always have to be over-the-top, but a little extra thought in presentation adds to the quality of the gesture.

Dinner and a movie is – in all honesty – a pretty solid date. The reason dinner and a movie gets so much flack is because many people make it a default date, failing to put in the effort to keep variety in their dating life. Variety is a huge key in being romantic. Expensive dates need to be balanced out with cheap dates, serene strolls on the beach need to be balanced with adrenaline-pumping roller coaster rides, double dates need to balanced out with intimate dates for two. Keep a date journal or calendar of the dates you go on, paying special attention to repetition and style. It’s easy to hit a plateau in your dating life, so keep a record to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Spontaneity is incredibly romantic… sometimes. But when spontaneity is the only thing holding together your date night life, it can become dull fast. A lot of time is wasted when no one has a decision for the evening. The reason this is saddening is because planning a date or romantic interlude is incredibly easy. All it takes is a little research and a few notes. Grab the nearest newspaper and look for upcoming events. Look on the internet for attractions pertaining to your sweetheart’s interests. Look through romantic idea books and websites and write what ideas you like. Look at holidays coming up over the next few months and see what romance is inspired by it. Dates are simple enough to plan for weeks in advance, and they turn out better when you do so. (Note: you can plan something a week ahead and still make it look spontaneous.) Putting in the extra effort of planning ahead makes the date more romantic, helps the date run smoother, and it ensures that your romantic life is getting the proper attention it deserves.

A Special Twist
Adding a twist to a romantic gesture easily increases its romantic value. There are many books that offer romantic ideas and gestures, and they should not only inspire you to be romantic, but to be creative. Think about how you can put a twist on the romantic ideas other people have come up with. This is romantic innovation. Twists can be as simple as replacing the words in an idea. For example, instead of breakfast in bed, make it lunch in bed. Instead of a one dozen roses, make it four dozen roses. Instead of an Italian dinner for two, make it an Italian vacation for two! Twists are not incredibly difficult to come up with and they make a huge difference in the quality of your romantic gesture.

Note that all of these elements do not need to be incorporated all at once. That would be exhausting! The idea is to look at what your options are and then make that romantic gesture your own. Romance is no place for laziness. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, you can be creative in romance. Your relationship will be all the better for it, too.

The Creative Language

creativelanguageEvery person has a creative side. Creativity is the way we choose to express ourselves – our desires, our personality, our joys. So the question is this: are you paying attention to your spouse’s creative side?

I hear a lot of talk about Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages. It’s mentioned at marriage conferences, it’s recommended by other relationship writers, and pastors reference it in their sermons. I’ve read it, and I agree that it is a good book. (I don’t like that it makes me look high-maintenance – I have a two-way tie between two languages and a third runner up that doesn’t lag far behind.) But as a creative person, I think there is another language that speaks to me more than quality time and words of affirmation: I want a fan.

When you are creating something, you are pouring your dreams, experiences, and personality into that creation. The same goes for anyone else around you. When your spouse creates, they are saying something about who they are. So pay attention! Does your wife make jewelry? Ask her where she gets the inspiration for her pieces. Does your husband like photography? Give him positive feedback on his shots.

Take the time to get to know your spouse through their creative outlets. Your spouse will feel incredibly loved when you take time to pay attention to their craft – but they will feel incredibly unimportant when you don’t bother to care about it. When you are a fan of your spouse’s creative side, you make them feel loved and accepted for who they are.

God is a Creator. Everything He makes says something about who He is. Although our creations are not even half as impressive, we are still made in the image of God, and our creations speak both of who we are and how God has gifted us. Your spouse’s creativity is something that God put in them. Take the time to acknowledge it, support it, and encourage it.

25 Ways to Ask Someone Out

658726_28187867Being creative in the way you ask someone out can add great memories to an event, whether you’re trying to get a first date or going on a date after ten years of marriage.

1.Use window markers and write it out on his/her car window
2.Write a song or poem
3.Bake a cake and spell it out in frosting
4.Send him/her a message to decode that shows a rendezvous location
5.Send him/her anonymous flowers and notes for a week, then finally ask him/her to meet you
6.Take out an ad in the newspaper
7.Dedicate a karaoke love song to him/her and then ask him/her out publicly
8.Send him/her a Mission Impossible type tape stating the location and time of your date
9.Leave a note hanging from the car rear view mirror or under the windshield wiper
10.Write it out in the sand at the beach, take a picture, then email it to him/her
11.Formally invite him/her using fancy stationary
12.Kidnap something of his/hers and send a ransom note saying your demand is a date
13.Hide the invitation in the book s/he is currently reading
14.Be a singing telegram
15.Leave a wrapped present on his/her bed (such as a ticket, dress, tie, etc) with a small invitation card
16.Put a laminated card in the shower or bathtub
17.Write him/her a song, record it, then send it to him/her
18.Order personalized M’Ms and ship them to him/her
19.Send him/her pictures that each have a clue to the location of where you are going on your date
20.Tack a scroll to a tree with an arrow, Robin Hood style
21.Change the label on a box of soap, beverage bottle, or anything s/he uses on a daily basis
22.Custom make a wallpaper for his/her phone or computer
23.Use sidewalk or grass chalk
24.Write him/her a short story about a person that turned down a date and was eaten by a dragon. End the story with “Go out with me and you won’t end up like that person.”
25.Pretend to be a psychic or palm reader and predict your future date