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Celebrate Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice (June 21st) is the longest day of sunlight, and a great excuse to celebrate Summer before it passes you by. Check  the approximate times for sunrise and sunset and plan a day of Summer fun in this time frame.

Outdoor Ideas

Indoor Ideas

  • Movie marathon. Watch your favorite movies or shows from sunrise till sunset.
  • Board game marathon. Play your favorite childhood games, and learn some new ones while you’re at it.
  • Hobby marathon. If you share a hobby with someone, get together and work on your hobby the entire day.
  • Read-a-thon. If you would rather spend a quiet day alone, read from sunrise till sunset, keeping record of how many pages you read in one day.
  • Video game marathon. Throw a party at your house with multiplayer games, play an online MMO, or hit the arcade with a couple of friends for the day.

What are some fun ways you can think of celebrating Summer Solstice?

Doughnut Dates


Yes, you can incorporate these tasty fried pieces of dough into your next date night or romantic gesture. After all, what says love more than fried food?

Doughnut Tasting
Dress up doughnuts with a tasting. Make a 5-course meal with three rounds of doughnut bites and two rounds of savory dishes (sausage, eggs, cheese, etc). Or you can make a “flight” of doughnuts by putting bite sized pieces in wine glasses.

Doughnut Scavenger Hunt
Make doughnut-shaped clues on construction paper that lead to a secret candlelight doughnut picnic.

Find the Crazy Shops
As good as glazed and jelly-filled are, don’t be afraid to be adventurous. There are fun, crazy doughnut shops all over the United States with fun flavors, like the Lemon Thyme doughnut from Dynamo Donuts in San Franscisco (which is amazing), or the popular Cronut out of New York. Check out Eater.com’s list of hottest doughnut shops to put together your doughnut bucket list.

Doughnut Delivery
Forget flowers. Send doughnuts.

Doughnut Breakfast Date
Need a creative breakfast idea? Check out these doughnut hole skewers from ValSoCal. For a romantic breakfast of homemade doughnuts, try Wilton’s heart-shaped doughnut pan, paired with Brown Cookie’s double heart-shaped egg ring. (I may or may not own both of these.)

Cards With Doughnut Puns
Make a doughnut-shaped card out of construction paper with some silly doughnut pun like, “You donut know how much I love you.” or “Donut ever let me go.” You won’t get any poetry awards, but you might get a smile – which is a lot better.

Make Your Own Doughnuts
Bust out the Pinterest and the deep fryer! Doughnuts have endless possibilities and can be a fun cooking experiment. Make a doughnut bar before sitting down in front of your date night movie.

Go Global
Different countries have different versions of doughnuts. The French have beignets, Mexico has churros… actually, Saveur has a whole list of doughnut variations you should check out. You can even go to the countries themselves to try it.

How do you enjoy doughnuts? Comment below!

Dates for Foodies

finediningeditThey love ingredients. They talk about the cheesecake they had in New York. They talk about cooking techniques they learned from their grandmother, Mario Batalli, and books by Julia Child. They know the best markets for fish in more than one country. They’re foodies – people with a love for everything delicious.

If you are dating a foodie, you can make date night easily fun and memorable. Just center the date around a foodie’s favorite topic: food!

Go to a Tasting
Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, a sample platter is a great way to go with anyone who wishes to learn about a variety of flavors from all over the world. Look online and in the paper for nearby venues that offer tastings, or create your own platter to enjoy at home. Tastings are also great for double dates as well!

Join a Food of the Month Club
Larger businesses offer monthly samples of their company’s products. Join one of these clubs as a couple and get together once a month to test the lovely packages brought to your door. Subscribe to more than one food of the month club and see how you can combine the products together.

If you’d like a more hands-on experience, create your own food of the month club! Put together your own packages of treats to sample together.

pizzacookingeditTake Cooking Classes
Foodies love to learn how to make great gourmet dishes at home. Indulge their thirst for knowledge with a cooking class. Some places even offer date night cooking classes, such as Sur La Table. Cooking classes can be pretty pricey, but with some research you may be able to find some that are free. Check out local bakeries and specialty food retailers for classes. Or if it just so happens that you know how to do something your sweetheart doesn’t, host your own cooking class!

Create Your Own Cookbook
Do you have some family recipes you both want to pass down to your children? Or maybe you want to give a personalized gift to family and friends? Create a cookbook together. Combine favorite recipes in your book, adding in cooking advice, your special love story, and any bits of wisdom on love and life that you want to pass on. To mass produce your book, you may want to use a fundraiser publisher such as fundcraft.com. For only a few copies, sites like lulu.com should work well.

Thought: Don’t have enough recipes for a book? Why not try making a custom calendar? Create a collage each month of family photos and a special recipe to share.

Attend a Food Festival
Fruit festivals, Greek festivals, or BBQs all can hold plenty of excitement for a foodie. Local festivals are rarely in short supply, and they offer great samples. Be aware that some food festivals require tickets to be purchased in advance, or tickets may have to be purchased on site in order to taste food. Keep an eye out in the local newspaper for events, or check out foodreference.com/html/upcomingfoodevents.html

view of athens town from the restaurant of lycabetus hillVisit a Foodie City
A food lover will never turn down a bit of travel to enjoy high quality food. Plan a day trip around a nearby city that is known for its food. Big cities are the most impressive way to go, but a little research reveals great small towns that offer hard to find treats. Pay special attention to the type of cuisine your sweetheart likes best, then find a city well known for it.

Enjoying Sports as a Couple

shuttlecockWhether you’re indoors or outdoors, participating or spectating, any type of sport presents opportunity for playful banter and fierce competition – two things that will spice up date night for sure! Here are six ways to enjoy sports as a couple:

Home Game

Place Your Bets
Make watching a game more interesting by upping the stakes with a little romantic wager. Bet on your team’s victory with a house chore, a date you want to go on, or a gift you would like to receive. You can even make it more exciting by receiving a prize every time your team scores a point.

Turn off the Sound
Be your own sports commentators. Mute the game you’re watching and make up your own commentary with your sweetheart. Silliness recommended.

Candlelit Sports Game
Do you have a ping-pong table or a badminton set at your house? Dim the lights to make the game not only more romantic but also more challenging! Set up your game in the evening, as use solar lights, candles, fireplaces, fire pits, or even well-placed flashlights to create a warm glow as you try to beat your wonderful opponent.

Away Game

Go to a Game or a Tournament
Head out to a local sports game or tournament. The best part about seeing a game isn’t the view from the seats, but the company. Hit a major league park, a local high school stadium, a big city sports arena, or a gymnasium tournament for some fun entertainment and some quality time with your date.

Take Up a Sport
Is there a sport you have always wanted to try? Why not make it a date? There are a ridiculous amount of sports out there begging to be tried. (No, really. Look at this list.) Take turns picking a sport to try out each month. Perhaps one of them will turn out to be a sport that you both will enjoy and invent further time in as a couple.

Organize a Couples Game
After you’ve tried out a variety of sports, bring together other couples who are interested in the same sport. Organize boys against girls, creating stakes that make the game a bit more interesting. (Such as losers have to do the dishes for a week, or they have to hand feed the after-game dinner to the winners!)

Early Bird and Night Owl Dates

morning Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, explore the different options your favorite time of day has to offer. But don’t forget to step out of your normal routine every once in awhile and schedule a date at the time you usually sleep through!

Early Bird Dates

Morning Hike/Walk
Morning is the best time of day to get some fresh air. Find a good trail you can hike and get up early enough to see the sunrise together. End your hike or walk with a breakfast picnic. Try not to discuss anything negative or stressful during this time, instead, talk about things that set up the rest of the day to be wonderful.

Breakfast Picnic
No need for heavy preparing for a breakfast picnic. Grab some smoothies or bagels, or make a quiche, then sit somewhere scenic and enjoy the fresh morning together. Encourage each other for the day ahead.

Go to the Gym
Take a gym class in the morning together. Some classes start as early as 5am and can be a fun activity. Take turns deciding which exercises to do for the day. Challenge each other and cheer each other on.

Yard Sales
Early mornings are the best times to check out weekend yard sales. Rummage through other people’s stuff together and see if you can find anything romantic. Look for things such as board games, sports equipment, or poetry books that you can enjoy together.

Local Coffee Shops
Try a different local coffee shop in the morning once a week. Give each coffee shop a rating depending on service, drinks, and crowd. Or if you have a favorite coffee spot, take the time to try a different thing on the menu each day. Either way, do what you can to enjoy your cup of coffee and morning conversation.

nightowlNight Owl Dates

Midnight Movie Showing
Movie theaters love their late night showings. If you go late enough after the release and late enough at night, you might find that there are very few people in the theater. Or you can see a midnight release of a new movie.

Nighttime Picnic
Pack some warm drinks and soups, or fruit and chocolate if the evening is warm enough. Spend some time star gazing and talking about the universe. You can even set up a picnic in your backyard, with candles or solar lights for a romantic ambiance.

Cosmic Bowling
Cosmic bowling is open until the wee hours of the morning and is a good idea for a casual nighttime date or a late double date. Bowling alleys usually include arcades and food, so be sure to check out those things as well. If you’re not into cosmic bowling, try cosmic rollerblading or play sports with glow in the dark equipment.

Places that have a karaoke night are open late, and this is a good way to get out of your comfort zone. Sing duets or love songs, choose songs for each other to sing, or just cheer on the other singers. Don’t worry if you can’t sing; karaoke isn’t about being talented.

Arcades are usually open pretty late and have plenty of games for two. Also, depending on the type of arcade you go to, you can also play billiards or shuffleboard. Play co-op games, challenge each other at shooting or dance games, and see if you can find old school games that you grew up on. Relax, have a good time, and play hard.

Artsy Dates

art4Art has a lot in common with romance: both are self-expressions, both are founded on creativity, and both are really fun! So why not combine the two for your next date? Here are some fun ways to enjoy art with your sweetheart, whether you’re out on the town or staying at home.

Out on the Town

Art Galleries
Most cities have an art gallery or museum that display creative local works or brilliant works from history. Art galleries are a very classic date idea, but often overlooked due to a lack of interest in fine art. So make it interesting! Create a game of art gallery bingo, with random and abstract objects to find within gallery paintings and exhibits. (Click here for our blank template.)

Do you want to add some depth to your art gallery date? Go to each painting and answer the following questions:
What do you think the theme of this painting is?
What emotion do you think the artist was feeling?
Can you relate to this painting at all?
Describe this painting in one word.

Also, research the exhibit and find a way to incorporate the theme into the rest of your date. If the artist is from the Caribbean, go to a Caribbean restaurant after the exhibit. If he was born in a nearby city, visit it for the evening. Don’t be afraid to have fun at an art gallery exhibit – there is no rule saying you need to be serious!

Garage Sale Treasures
If you both are morning people, go to garage sales and find materials to create your own art projects with. Collect random items and make abstract art with them. Get together different furniture and pottery pieces then repaint and repurpose them.

Take an Art Class
There are many types of art-related classes at local community colleges, craft stores, and community centers. Take one of these classes together, making each week’s project a gift to your sweetheart.

Find Local Artistic Wonders
Every city has some artistic decor, whether it’s landscape art, architecture, sculptures, murals, or graffiti. Tour around your city together, taking pictures of the different artistic pieces you find. Make a scrapbook with your pictures, writing next to each picture how you would rate the piece from 1 to 5, or write a fictional story on how the piece got there.

Paint Your Own Pottery
There are little shops like Color Me Mine that let you paint ceramics, pottery, and decorative items for your home. Paint gifts for one another, for your home, or for friends and family. If you don’t have one of these kinds of shops around, create your own pottery to paint!

At Home

Create a Comic Bookart3
Make up superhero identities for yourselves and create your own story about good versus evil. You can either be enemies, be a team of crime-fighters, or use the classic hero/damsel in distress storyline. Make it look professional or draw stick figures. Don’t want to draw at all? Take pictures! Dress up in superhero costumes and act out your storyline. Arrange the pictures in a scrapbook and write out the dialogue.

Paint a Wall Mural
Have a big, empty wall you want to spruce up? Paint a mural together. Personalize it by incorporating images and words that hold special meaning to the two of you. It can be as simple as your wedding date, or something as complicated as a collage. You can even repaint your canvas every anniversary if you feel like it!

Hold Your Own Gallery
While your sweetheart is at work, turn your living room into your own art gallery. Display photos, meaningful gifts, and other memorabilia that speaks of your romance. When your sweetheart gets home, take them on a guided tour of each item. You can even treat them to wine (or apple cider), h’orderves, or dessert as part of the gallery experience.

Make a Film Together
Put together a skit or story and use your camera to create a short film together. You can improvise or write a script, make it professional or record it on your phone. Throw it into any movie editing software you have, making sure to add a title slide and ending credits. You can even take out the sound, make it black and white, and turn it into a silent film!

Other Artsy Date Ideas
-> Create t-shirts for one another
-> Play a Pictionary-like game using romantic words. Try to stump your date.
-> Create a giant sculpture together
-> Use sidewalk chalk and create your own sidewalk gallery
-> Make a scrapbook of your past year together
-> Do one of your favorite grade-school art projects together

Park Dates


Parks are a simple and cheap date idea, full of possibilities. There are many different types of parks available for your next romantic interlude.

Beach Parks
What’s better than a barbecue at the beach? Some beaches have the best of both worlds: a plush grass are and a barbecue area with an incredible view of the ocean. A beach park is a great double (or triple) date location, especially if flying disks or sand castle competitions are involved. Spend the afternoon at the park, then end the evening with a quiet walk along the beach.

Neighborhood Parks
You would be surprised at just how many parks are hidden away within the neighborhoods of your city. Try to find as many parks in your city as possible, taking note of the pros and cons of each one. Discuss which park has the best playground, the best scenery, and the best location. Don’t be afraid to play on the swings, play hide-and-seek, or go down the slides!

Community Parks
Many cities have community parks that include a community center. Community centers offer many fun date opportunities, such as sports, swimming, or dancing. Community parks are hold special events, such as weekend concerts, car shows, or movie nights. Large grass areas are great for games like soccer or tag, or are nice for an intimate picnic.

Gardens are usually smaller in size compared to most parks, but the atmosphere isn’t anything if it isn’t romantic. Browse through the different types of flowers, making sure you know your sweetheart’s favorite flower by the end of the date. Some gardens even offer tours that you can enjoy together, or special events and conferences you can attend.

Water Parks
With summer on its way, a waterpark is something to consider for your next date. Relax by the poolside together, or try something daring like a surfing simulator. Race each other down the waterslides, or take a double person raft down the tubes together. Gather other couples to join you in a game of Marco Polo or in waterslide races.

Amusement Parks
Between the mixture of thrilling rides, fun arcades, and intriguing scenery, an amusement park is a great way to go for a date night. Amusement parks have attractions for any taste, and are usually open until late evening. You can go to either large, renown amusement parks; or try smaller amusement parks that not only have rides and arcades, but also may include miniature golf courses. If you are an adrenaline junkie when it comes to rides and you know your date is not, be sure to be sensitive to your date’s tastes; you can always come back and ride the roller coasters later with your friends.

State and National Parksnationalpark
State and national parks are usually protected nature areas that can be enjoyed by the public during certain hours. A lot of them involve awesome natural formations, romantic streams and rivers, and picturesque landscapes. Make a list of all the national parks you and your sweetheart would like to visit, and then check them off one by one as you visit them. Married couples even have the added option of renting an intimate cabin or going camping under the stars.

Dog Parks
Whether you each own a dog, share a dog, or haven’t a dog at all, a dog park can offer quite a bit of entertainment. Schedule a day for your dogs to play together, or just spend the afternoon watching other people’s pets. Dog parks can be found in the community or on the beach, which means you and your date can plan a date not exclusive to you and pets, but also to include a romantic walk (which your dogs are also sure to enjoy).

Wildlife Parks
Whether you go to a natural animal reserve or a zoo, wildlife parks bring out some great childhood memories, and make great new memories as well. You can either take one of the tours provided by the park, walk around yourselves and see how many animals you can identify, or even find out if you can take a safari-like adventure into the unknown. Be sure to buy each other a stuffed version of your date’s favorite animal before you leave!

Forests, Falls, and Reserves
Nothing is more magnificent or more romantic than a walk through the beauty of nature. Choose between grand forests, intense rock formations, or elegant waterfalls. All three are great opportunities for picnics, romantic pictures, hiking, and star gazing.

Date Idea: Musical Dates

musical datesAll of us are moved by music. There’s something about expressing yourself in poetry and melody that makes you feel alive. Naturally, we want to share our musical finds with others, and connect on that deep level. But what are some fun ways to explore music on a date?

See a Musical
Whether you go to Broadway or a local theater, a musical can be an exciting way to dig into some original music that is sure to get stuck in your head whether you like it or not. Pick a familiar story you both enjoy that has been turned into a musical extravaganza, or look into going to the latest hit show. Once you decide on what musical to go to, plan extra events around the theme or setting of the show.

If you feel really ambitious after seeing a high quality musical, see if you can write your own. Make it romantic or silly, full-length or incredibly short. You don’t have to write the musical scores if it’s above your talents, but writing the lyrics is a fun challenge. Write a two-person musical you can act out together, or make it a full-cast production and try to sell it to a local theater.

Go Out Dancing
Dancing is wonderfully romantic – the man sweeps a lady off her feet, while the woman gets to rest in his arms! Many local dance studios have dance nights that include a lesson or two and a couple hours of dancing. It’s a great way to dance together without any experience or skill. A lot of other places offer dancing for beginners as well, such as community colleges, lounges, and even some restaurants. Dancing is a social activity; it helps you get to know your date better, and you will meet new people who you may potentially double date with later on!

This will prove how comfortable you are with one another. Go out and sing karaoke together, playing one another’s favorite songs. If you aren’t brave enough to face the public, hook up a karaoke machine at home, or play a karaoke game such as Singstar or Rock Band (yet another way to play instruments together). Make sure to dedicate your songs to your date!

Write Songs Together
If you both like to play an instrument or write lyrics, try writing a song together. It doesn’t have to be the best song written in the history of the universe – it could be one verse if you wanted. If you do write a full song, make it a duet or a love song about your story.

Learn an Instrument Together
Does your date know how to play an instrument you’d like to try? Is there an instrument you’d both like to learn? Why not teach each other music or take lessons together? Don’t worry about how much better your date is at playing an instrument, just have fun learning and playing together. Encourage and applaud one another.

Do both of you all ready know how to play an instrument? Have a jam session. Pull out some sheet music you both love and play together. Try to create an instrumental duet, or freestyle if you have the talent.

Go to a Festival
Festivals normally includes cultural or periodical music and dance. Strengthen your cultural knowledge by watching for musical events, usually mentioned at the information booth. Take a look at the foreign instruments, the combination of styles, and the dancing techniques. Try to recreate any of the dances you see on stage. Is the festival historical in nature? Research the dances of the time and try to copy them.

See a Concert
Nothing scores you some mega points like buying tickets to your date’s favorite band. Spoil your sweetheart with some surprise tickets to a concert, and throw in a CD that they can have signed at the function. (For those really special occasions, grab some VIP tickets!) Remember to look for bands your date would like, not just bands or style of music you like!

You can also support smaller, cheaper bands in your local area. Many coffee shops and some restaurants have bands on weekends or evenings. It is more than likely that neither of you will know the bands playing, which will result in some fun conversation afterward. Cities may also have concerts in the park on special days or holidays.