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Doughnut Dates


Yes, you can incorporate these tasty fried pieces of dough into your next date night or romantic gesture. After all, what says love more than fried food?

Doughnut Tasting
Dress up doughnuts with a tasting. Make a 5-course meal with three rounds of doughnut bites and two rounds of savory dishes (sausage, eggs, cheese, etc). Or you can make a “flight” of doughnuts by putting bite sized pieces in wine glasses.

Doughnut Scavenger Hunt
Make doughnut-shaped clues on construction paper that lead to a secret candlelight doughnut picnic.

Find the Crazy Shops
As good as glazed and jelly-filled are, don’t be afraid to be adventurous. There are fun, crazy doughnut shops all over the United States with fun flavors, like the Lemon Thyme doughnut from Dynamo Donuts in San Franscisco (which is amazing), or the popular Cronut out of New York. Check out Eater.com’s list of hottest doughnut shops to put together your doughnut bucket list.

Doughnut Delivery
Forget flowers. Send doughnuts.

Doughnut Breakfast Date
Need a creative breakfast idea? Check out these doughnut hole skewers from ValSoCal. For a romantic breakfast of homemade doughnuts, try Wilton’s heart-shaped doughnut pan, paired with Brown Cookie’s double heart-shaped egg ring. (I may or may not own both of these.)

Cards With Doughnut Puns
Make a doughnut-shaped card out of construction paper with some silly doughnut pun like, “You donut know how much I love you.” or “Donut ever let me go.” You won’t get any poetry awards, but you might get a smile – which is a lot better.

Make Your Own Doughnuts
Bust out the Pinterest and the deep fryer! Doughnuts have endless possibilities and can be a fun cooking experiment. Make a doughnut bar before sitting down in front of your date night movie.

Go Global
Different countries have different versions of doughnuts. The French have beignets, Mexico has churros… actually, Saveur has a whole list of doughnut variations you should check out. You can even go to the countries themselves to try it.

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Eater Egg Date


Why do kids get to have all the fun when it comes to Easter egg activities? Grown-ups can enjoy a basket of eggs, too! In fact, why not incorporate a basket of eggs for date night? Here’s three ideas on how to do so.

Pop Quiz
Have a basket of eggs, filled with special treats. Make a list of questions about yourself, such as “What is my favorite vegetable?”, or “What year did I graduate high school”, or “What was my favorite childhood TV show?” Write your answers next to the question and hide your paper. Take turns asking your sweetheart questions about yourself. The right answer equals an egg of goodies. The person with the least amount of eggs at the end loses!

Scavenger Hunt
Decide on a date night activity, gift, or message you want to give your sweetheart. Scatter eggs around the house with hints on where to find the gift or what the date night will be. If you’re doing a message, do one word in each egg and let your sweetheart arrange the words.

Truth or Dare
Divide eggs in half and have each person fill their eggs with a truth or a dare. Mix up the eggs in a basket and take turns picking one. Whoever answers the most questions and does the most dares wins!

Bonus Idea: Fill It Up
Fill up their car with Easter eggs. If you can fill up the entire car, you’re my hero. But you can make smaller goals too, like filling the glove compartment, the backseat, or the trunk. Put a reason why you love them in each egg. It’s a great way to boost their morning commute!

What are some other fun things to do with Easter eggs? Comment below!

Date Idea: Mid-Autumn Festival

midautumfestival1When the moon is full in the midst of Autumn, Asia celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a great opportunity to go and play under the full moon with your sweetheart. After all, what is more romantic than moonlight and a sky full of stars? With inspiration from Asia’s Mid-Autumn Festival traditions, plan your own evening activities for the harvest celebration.

Midnight BBQ
Barbeques are the modern celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival. With the bright beams of the full moon, why not throw a midnight BBQ for two? Or, if you’d rather not start a fire in your backyard in the middle of the night, plan a midnight picnic for two.

Design your meal to symbolize the harvest moon with round foods such as hamburgers, pizza, quesadillas, or quiches. There are also plenty of fruits that are round shaped, and even if they aren’t, you can use a melon baller to create mini-moon shaped treats.

Mooncakes are the traditional treat prepared for the Mid-Autumn Festival, usually given as gifts. Their round shape represents the moon, and they are usually filled with nuts, fruit, jelly, and even egg yolk.

Cakes are a great way to show appreciation and affection to your sweetheart, friends, and family. Make little cakes for the people you appreciate, such as parents, in-laws, couples that have mentored you, or people who have served you or encouraged you in your time of need. Make traditional mooncakes (Christie’s Recipes has a pretty good recipe), or use a box mix to make multiple mini-cakes.

Moonlit Activities
The full moon provides the perfect opportunity to go on late night dates. With the extra light, you can participate in activities that you normally do during the day time. Go for a bike ride, look for seashells on the beach, or even go white water rafting. The moon should shed enough light for any activity of your choosing!

lanternfinLantern Making
Lanterns are a beautiful tradition during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Make your own paper lanterns to add to the fun of the holiday! Grab decorative paper and write things you love about your sweetheart, great memories you two share, or little love notes and create your own paper lantern. The web blog Oh Happy Day has good tutorials for homemade lanterns, along with Artsy Fartsy Mama and Festival. For the hardcore lantern makers, check out wikiHow’s sky lantern tutorial.

Romantic Reflection
The Mid-Autumn Festival is known for its food and fun, but it’s also known for its romantic influences. As you enjoy the harvest of the season, take time to enjoy the harvest of your relationship.

Discuss the seeds of your relationship (the first time you met, the expectations you had, etc) and discuss the growth of your relationship (how you’ve changed as a person, how the hard work of your relationship was worth it.) Then discuss what future seeds you like to plant, such as how you would like to see the relationship grow and how you would like to celebrate your relationship throughout the year. Write these things down in a journal and review it every full moon throughout the year to check your progress.

If you’re single, write to your future spouse by moonlight. Write about the seeds you are planting now that you hope to reap in the future. Write your future spouse every full moon until your wedding day, and then present them with your letters on your honeymoon.

Dates for the Mid-Autumn Festival
2013 – September 19th
2014 – September 8th
2015 – September 27th
2016 – September 15th
2017 – October 4th
2018 – September 24th
The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Chuseok in Korea and Tsukimi in Japan.

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Rules of Date Night

Rules of Date Night

Date night often seems more idealistic than realistic, but it is quite important to all marriages.  With hectic schedules and demanding distractions, date night can very well be the glue that holds together intimacy between a couple.  Here are a few ways to make date night fulfilling and beneficial to your marriage.

Rule #1– Schedule Date Night Once a Week
Date night is essential to your relationship. It gives you a mini-vacation from the hardships of life and it helps you to refocus your attention on your spouse or the person you are courting. For single individuals, it is important to spend a few hours each week getting to know the person they are pursuing a committed relationship to, and for married persons it is important to fall in love with your spouse frequently.

Find a couple of hours in the morning, afternoon, or evening to spend with each other each week. (Married individuals should make this as high a priority as going to work!) Do not be tempted to skip over a romantic interlude due to a busy schedule. Let your partner know how important they are to you by setting time apart especially for them. It will make them feel loved and it will refresh your relationship.

Rule #2– Plan Ahead
Waiting until the last minute to decide what you’re doing on date night will more than likely end with disappointing results. Every date night will end up being dinner and a movie, and sooner or later one of you is going to resent it.

After you’ve both decided when to get together for a date, plan ahead on what you will do. Make a list of activities you’d like to do as a couple, places you’d like to go, or shows you’d like to see. You can either number the list and go in order (his ideas being odd numbers, her ideas being even numbers) or keep a jar that have the date ideas written down on scraps of paper and pull them out at random.

Rule #3 – Do Not Discuss the Negatives
Yes, the faucet is still leaking in the bathroom, the phone bill needs to be paid, and your brother is a jerk, but those things don’t need to be discussed on date night. Date night should be an escape from the problems you face, not a time to discuss what needs to be done as a household or your personal problems with the actions of your family members, friends, or the person you’re spending the evening with.

Avoid talking about the daily grind, including work, finances, kids, housework, or people you’re having a conflict with. These are all important subjects to discuss, but they can be discussed at another time. In the time you spend together, gear your discussions towards mutual hobbies or interests, aspirations and goals, activities and adventures. Encourage and compliment one another. Is she wearing a new dress? Compliment it. Has he been working hard this week? Appreciate him. Don’t end date night without affirming your attraction and admiration for your date.

Rule #4 – Make It About Quality Time
It would be great if every date night could be full of glittery romance, but chances are it won’t. Things will go awry, plans will go south, and romance might be overlooked. Don’t expect to swept off your feet every time you two go out for the evening. Date night isn’t about chick-flick style romance, it’s about quality time together.

When you’re planning a date, make sure quality time together is the focus. Going to his parents’ for dinner or going with her group of friends bowling isn’t quality time together. On the flip side, running errands together or sitting watching television isn’t quality time together either. Your dates should include opportunities for discussion, fun, and relaxation. Make them something out of the ordinary. Make them adventurous. Make them intimate.

Rule #5 – Let Go of the Electronics
How often do those “emergency” phone calls really happen? It’s easy to pay more attention to our cell phones than to our dates. Turn off your cell phone! (Or put it on vibrate if you have kids.) Unless it’s a family member, don’t answer calls or text people back during your time with someone else. It’s a great way of telling your date, “I find this person on my phone more interesting than I find you.” (Check the message when your date leaves for the restroom, if you must.)

Let go of any other shiny devices you’re tempted to play with as well. You have plenty of time to distract yourself with electronics later. Your date should be your sole interest, not gossip among your friends or game scores.

Rule #6 – Put Forth Your Best Foot
Gentlemen, open doors and pull out chairs. Ladies, don’t nag or humiliate him in public. Treat your waitresses well. Bathe before you go out. Apologize if you’ve made a mistake, and accept an apology when one is given to you.

It’s tempting to let go of your manners after you’ve been dating awhile or after you’re married. After all, you don’t have to impress this person anymore, right? You may not have to impress them anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should be inconsiderate to your date or others. When you’re out together, put your best foot forward. Your date may be quite aware of your other foot (the one that isn’t the best)which will make them appreciate your effort even more.

Date Behaviors

kidsSometimes we need a little reminder to be mindful on a date. Whether you’re on your first date, a year into the relationship, or celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary, there are ways you should and shouldn’t behave on a date.


  • Text message or make unnecessary phone calls
  • Pay more attention to the sports game than your date
  • Talk about how great (or annoying) your ex was
  • Assume your date is paying the bill
  • Talk mainly about yourself
  • Push for physical intimacy
  • Over analyze every sentence that comes out of your date’s mouth


  • Be flexible in your schedule
  • Be open minded to new places
  • Ask open ended questions
  • Be kind to others you encounter on your date
  • Make eye contact
  • Watch for red flags
  • Listen
  • Relax
  • Have fun

50 Ways to Make Every Meal Romantic

wine21.Dim the lights
2.Serve champagne or wine
3.Feed each other
4.Speak in French
5.Use romantic colors, like red and silver
6.Leave hand written notes on his/her plate
7.Decorate the table with flowers
8.Don’t eat in front of the TV
9.Turn off your cell phone
10.Play footsies
11.Dress up formally
12.Bathe before your meal
13.Light candles
14.Set the plate, no buffet style
15.Don’t make something your love doesn’t like
16.Play music
17.Serve drinks in champagne flutes
18.Turn your meal into a theme
19.Cut something into a heart shape
20.Serve as a picnic
21.Use cloth napkins and the good china
22.Serve your meal outside
23.Leave a gift at the table
24.Blindfold them and feed them dessert
25.Eat in front of the fireplace
26.Don’t nag or complain during the meal
27.Use floating candles
28.Massage your date while dinner cooks
29.Talk about them as much as possible
30.Do dishes together
31.Serve your meal in courses
32.Don’t talk about negative things at the table
33.Decorate the table with pictures of you both
34.Use an empty wine bottle as a vase
35.Say, “I love it when you cook that.”
36.Make personalized fortune cookies
37.Make a toast to your love
38.Use aromatherapy
39.Order his/her favorite restaurant item to go
40.Let your love choose what’s for dinner from a menu
41.Serve chocolate
42.Hold hands while you eat
43.Etch your plates with your anniversary date
44.Don’t talk about work at the table
45.Put a foot bath at his/her chair
46.Put a dish of candy hearts on the table
47.Cook together
48.Open the curtains and look out the window as you eat
49.Thank your partner for cooking
50.Never forget dessert

Rules of the Double Date

245734_7156#1– The man pays for his date
Don’t make a double date awkward by fighting over the check. The man pays for his date regardless of the situation. Request separate checks at dinner if you have to.

#2– Pick locations that are more fun than intimate
Intimate settings are meant for single couples, not double dates. Being overly romantic can be distracting and awkward when there’s another couple with you. Pick relaxed locations that are good for casual fun and conversation.

#3– Avoid winging it. Come up with a plan first.
Ever been with a group of people who can’t decide where to go for dinner? Frustrating, isn’t it? A date can lose its luster when you waste time trying to figure out what you’re doing next or when you have to admit that you can’t afford the restaurant the other couple suggests. Plan out your date in advance.

#4—Always guys against gals
If you’re going on an outing where you have to split into teams, the rule is men against women. This keeps your outing from going sour because your date is highly competitive or one of you turns bossy.

#5– Easy on the PDA
No one wants to see your PDA when you’re on a date by yourselves, let alone on a double-date. You two aren’t the only people in the room and you shouldn’t alienate your guests by being overly gushy or touchy-feely.


Ideas for Double Dates:

  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Amusement parks
  • Arcades
  • Board games
  • Concerts
  • Basketball
  • Picnics
  • Game tournaments
  • Hiking
  • Volleyball
  • Dancing

Date Idea: Picnics

picnicPicnics are a great setting for intimate conversation and casual dining. It’s dinner without table, chairs, and sometimes silverware. Use your imagination to create a fun-filled picnic your sweetheart is bound to enjoy… Or just use our ideas!

Outdoor Picnics

  • Surrounding scenery sets the mood for outdoor picnics. Use your environment to inspire your meal.
  • Have a seafood picnic on the beach or on a boat
  • Make tailgate-style food then have a picnic in the bed of a truck
  • Have a picnic on a playground and bring your favorite foods you ate as a kid
  • Decorate your backyard to reflect a certain culture, such as France, Italy, China, or the Caribbean and then create your menu around that
  • Go to another country or state just to have a picnic (guaranteed to be memorable!)
  • Have a star-gazing picnic with hot chocolate and star-shaped cookies

Indoor Picnics

Locations may be limited with indoor picnics, but with the right ambiance, any room can be transformed into a romantic and intimate setting.

  • Have a picnic in a fort you’ve made from furniture and blankets
  • Make a mountain theme by filling the room with the scent of pine, lining the floor with fallen leaves, and hanging glow in the dark stars
  • Play music in the background that reflects the theme of your picnic – then ask for a slow dance during the meal
  • Grab a DVD that plays scenery of the beach, mountains, or a fireplace
  • Married couples: have a picnic-in-bed
  • Decorate your living room to look Moroccan and have a picnic on silky pillows and a festive rug

Themed Picnics

There are a few options for the fruit picnic:

  • Go to a pick-your-own fruit farm and then bask in your selections.
  • Go to a farmer’s market and sample local and organic produce.
  • Visit your favorite grocery store and pick out those odd imports that you’ve never tried before. Most grocery stores have a reference book somewhere on the floor that describes the different fruits and how to prepare them.

Bacteria party! With so many different types of cheeses, how can you not be curious? Avoid cheddar and jack this time around and go straight for the imports.

This type of picnic can get expensive, but it’s definitely worth trying. Compliment with fruit and crackers.

This picnic is best after a light dinner. Travel to a local bakery and grab some of their sugary treats, ordering a sample size of each item. (In other words, the two of you should split a cookie instead of having one cookie each.) Or if you feel ambitious, bake things yourselves and add them to the basket.

Be sure to have something mixed nuts or milk on hand to balance out the sweetness.

Three Fun Picnic Ideas

smoothieThe Morning Picnic
Why wait until sunset? Pack a light breakfast and hit the local park. What better way to start a long day then with your sweetheart? Grab smoothies and a few bagels, or homemade bread with a variety of fruit butters.

Chocolate and Wine Picnic
The experience of pairing foods and chocolate with wine can be a fun date. Search online for pairings, or you can buy a bottle of wine and a bunch of chocolates and take notes on what mixes and what doesn’t.

If you’re not of legal drinking age or you just don’t like to drink, turn it into a foreign chocolate tasting picnic. Pick up single-origin chocolates from around the world and see which countries create your favorite.

Halloween Picnic
Dress up in your costumes and sit down to a spooky picnic. Decorate with jack-o-lanterns and spider webs. Play a Halloween sound-effect CD in the background while having stew and bread, or go to a specialty store to find Halloween shaped pasta and cookies.

You can do this kind of theme with any holiday. How about a St. Patrick’s’ Day picnic with all your food dyed green? Or what about having a Halfway-to-Christmas picnic? There is no need to wait until the holiday actually arrives! Look for strange and fun holidays to celebrate.