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Make Movie Night Magical


Ah, the cinema. The collaboration of hundreds of talents, ranging from filmography to acting, from costume to set design, from production to directing. Cast and crew spend months of long hours fulfilling their visions, hoping to tell the stories from their hearts. And now it has become a lifeless, effortless date night option. The shame!

Although dinner and a movie isn’t considered the most impressive of date night choices, it has a lot of creative possibilities. If you want to make movie night magical, you have to create the magic yourself!

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10 Romantic Pizza Ideas

chocolatepizza2Want to spice up your Saturday night pizza tradition? Try one of these romantic pizza ideas!

Make Pizza Into a Heart Shape
This is fairly simple to do if you’re making it yourself. Just form the pizza dough into a heart and cook. You can even find that some pizza places will do this for you if you ask, so don’t be afraid to!

Make Pizza Bite Sized and Feed Each Other
You can have a bit of fun with this one. Hold your sweetheart’s pizza “hostage” and feed it to them bit by bit in exchange for an answer to a question. Ask them things like, “What is your favorite thing about me?”, “What is your deepest fear?”, or “If you had a band, which instrument would you like to play?” The fun thing about pizza is that you can feed them with a fork or your fingers!

Write a Message Using Toppings
Think Valentine’s Day candy hearts. Take your toppings of mushrooms, bell peppers, or sausage and write out a message such as “I luv u”, “ur lovely”, or “true love.” It doesn’t take a lot of time to do, and it’s sure to make your pizza date just a bit more memorable.

Form Hearts With the Toppings
Cut out the pepperoni into heart shapes if you have the time. If you’d rather take a less time consuming route, just form heart shapes on top of your pizza with the toppings. Your sweetheart is sure to find it adorable.

Get Out the Fine China
Create a gourmet pizza and then use the fine china. This improves the ambiance considerably, making it far more romantic.

Surprise Your Sweetheart With a Pizza Delivery
If you know they’re putting in some extra work at the office or studying extra hard for a test, why not drop by with a free pizza delivery? Make sure it’s their favorite pizza! If you don’t want to make the pizza yourself, or you simply don’t want to distract them from their work, order a pizza from a local place and have it delivered to their door.

Go to a Ritzy Italian Place
As great as your typical pizza delivery places are, they completely lack the ambiance of a fine Italian restaurant. Pizza is usually overlooked at fine Italian places (pasta seems much more popular) but it could be an overlooked gem!

Base Pizza Recipes Around Aphrodisiacs
Aphrodisiacs are foods that are supposed to make you feel more sensual. There actually is no scientific proof that aphrodisiacs work, but they are pleasant on the eyes and light on the stomach. How about trying a breakfast pizza made with walnuts, bananas, and honey? Or a dessert pizza made with chocolate and strawberries? Or you can just add chile peppers to a cheese pizza. Look up aphrodisiacs and find out how they earned their place in this category, then discuss it over your invented pizza.

Make a Pizza Together
Have one person make the dough, the other make the sauce. Make mini pizzas with experimental toppings and discuss the results.

Go Long Distance
There are a lot of amazing pizza places in the world. Do not feel confined to your own area! If there is a review for an amazing pizza place that’s 3 hours away, drive there. Go to Chicago. Go to Italy! The romance is in the spontaneity and thrill of going somewhere unknown.

5 Dinner Dates

diningTrying to come up with a romantic twist on your usual Friday night dinner for two?

The Reminisce Dinner
Try and recreate a memorable dinner from a previous time in your relationship. You can go to the place you went to on your first date, or recreate the dinner when you realized you were completely in love with this person, or have a picnic where you proposed. Talk about all the things you loved about each other when you first met.

Foreign Dinner
If you’re going to insist on Chinese take out, at least do it right. Set up the dining room to reflect the culture of the dinner you’re having. Play popular music from that country in the background. For your menu, create popular dishes from their history or look up a popular restaurant and recreate some of their menu items. Dress up in a way that reflects their culture if you want to. Then, create a cheat sheet of romantic sayings in that country’s language and be sure to recite them during dinner!

Dinner and Dancing
Dinner and dancing may be losing its edge. It’s harder to find places that have dinner and dancing, and most people don’t try it because they can’t dance! But both of these are terrible excuses for not trying your hand at this wonderfully romantic dinner. If you can’t find a place that has dinner and dancing, clear a spot in your house or in your backyard. Split your meal into courses, and insist that the payment for each course is a dance. If your problem is two left feet, there is a solution. Many dance studios and nightclubs have social nights that teach simple dance steps for a lot cheaper than private lessons.

Character Dinner Date
This dinner is for the really bold, creative people. Pick characters from novels, movies, or even video games if you want and have dinner together in character. Turn the dinner into a theme, using menu items that are inspired by your characters. This is a great idea for a dinner party or double dinner date. You can do this in public if you’re brave enough!

Dessert Sampler
Not all dinners have to be based around chicken or beef. Create a half dozen mini desserts, not skipping out elegant presentations of the dishes. (You can either split the task of making assorted desserts, or you can go to a local bakery and pick up a few different items.) Some countries consider cheese a dessert, so if you’re not in the mood for sweets, make a cheese platter instead.

Craft Idea: Pumpkin Centerpiece

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFall produces a lot of wonderful pumpkins for decorating. Why not make a romantic centerpiece for your table?

1 small pumpkin
Pumpkin carving knife
Spoon (to clean out pumpkin)
A small assortment of flowers
1 LED tealight candle (Not a real tealight candle)

Rinse off the pumpkin, then carve a large hole in the top around the stem. Gently pull off the “lid” and toss out. Clean out pumpkin seeds using a spoon, and scissors if need be. Put pumpkin seeds in a dish to be baked later. (See recipe below.)

With a pencil or pen, lightly draw your design on the pumpkin. Make it a heart, a message, or something that is symbolic of your love. Carefully carve it out of the pumpkin.

Get a bouquet of flowers and cut the stems. Note that these flowers won’t last very long without water. You can use fake flowers if you’d like, or simply leave the flowers in the centerpiece for the duration of dinner and then put them into a vase afterward.

Needless to say, don’t use a candle in this pumpkin while there are flowers in it. For a firelight flickering effect, use an LED candle.

Pumpkin Seed Recipe: Put pumpkin seeds in a strainer and rinse, removing the excess pumpkin membrane. Spread out pumpkin seeds on a greased cookie sheet, add some salt, and put in the oven at 350° for about 15 minutes.

50 Ways to Make Every Meal Romantic

wine21.Dim the lights
2.Serve champagne or wine
3.Feed each other
4.Speak in French
5.Use romantic colors, like red and silver
6.Leave hand written notes on his/her plate
7.Decorate the table with flowers
8.Don’t eat in front of the TV
9.Turn off your cell phone
10.Play footsies
11.Dress up formally
12.Bathe before your meal
13.Light candles
14.Set the plate, no buffet style
15.Don’t make something your love doesn’t like
16.Play music
17.Serve drinks in champagne flutes
18.Turn your meal into a theme
19.Cut something into a heart shape
20.Serve as a picnic
21.Use cloth napkins and the good china
22.Serve your meal outside
23.Leave a gift at the table
24.Blindfold them and feed them dessert
25.Eat in front of the fireplace
26.Don’t nag or complain during the meal
27.Use floating candles
28.Massage your date while dinner cooks
29.Talk about them as much as possible
30.Do dishes together
31.Serve your meal in courses
32.Don’t talk about negative things at the table
33.Decorate the table with pictures of you both
34.Use an empty wine bottle as a vase
35.Say, “I love it when you cook that.”
36.Make personalized fortune cookies
37.Make a toast to your love
38.Use aromatherapy
39.Order his/her favorite restaurant item to go
40.Let your love choose what’s for dinner from a menu
41.Serve chocolate
42.Hold hands while you eat
43.Etch your plates with your anniversary date
44.Don’t talk about work at the table
45.Put a foot bath at his/her chair
46.Put a dish of candy hearts on the table
47.Cook together
48.Open the curtains and look out the window as you eat
49.Thank your partner for cooking
50.Never forget dessert