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Gift Idea: Romantic Fill in the Blank Coupons

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWant a fresh twist on the romantic coupon scene? Try out these fun fill-in-the-blank coupons! Let your sweetheart choose what they desire for the evening. These coupons encourage your date to be fun and creative with their responses. Maybe they like a candlelit mac ‘n’ cheese dinner? Or perhaps drinks at a café in the next state over?

We’ve made 10 different fill-in-the-blank coupons for you, plus two completely blank coupons for whatever sweet interlude your date wishes!

Just print our fill-in-the-blank-coupons on white card stock paper, wrap with ribbon, and enjoy!


Gift Idea: Treasure Hunt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEveryone loves a good find. Try this fun little gift presentation for your next great gift!

Grab a little treasure box from your local craft store and decorate the box with paint, gems, or markers.

Now hide your treasure box. There is the traditional method of burying it in the backyard, or you can try a slightly less traditional approach like hiding it in your microwave or dryer. Hide it in a dresser drawer, under the bed, behind a book in the bookshelf, under the kitchen sink, in the refrigerator, or in a filing cabinet – There are many possibilities no matter where you live.

Now to create the clues to find it. Draw a treasure map, create a riddle, write a message in a secret code. The more lavish the gift, the harder the clue!

Treasure Ideas:

  • Tickets to a play or game
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume/cologne
  • Promise ring
  • Hand written note
  • Gift card to their favorite store
  • Hard candy
  • MP3 player
  • Movie tickets
  • A flash drive with pictures of the two of you on it
  • A poem you wrote about them
  • A card from the place you made dinner reservations
  • Membership card to a club you signed them up for
  • Romantic coupons
  • Something antique with a story behind it

12 Days of Love-Mas

starOn the first day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: A full day of nothing but us
Schedule a day where from sunrise to sunset, it is nothing but you two. No phones, no emails, no tag-alongs – just you and you love.

On the second day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 2 concert tickets
Pick a band your partner loves and buy tickets for you both to go see them live. Don’t pick a band you like and they are okay with listening to, pick one of their favorites.

On the third day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 3 different kisses

Be creative with your kisses on this day. Try something weird like an upside-down kiss, something classic like a kiss to the hand, or something traditional like a mistletoe kiss.

On the fourth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 4 new hubcaps

When was the last time you bought something car-related for your sweetheart? Buy them some shiny new hubcaps that really makes their car pop.

On the fifth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 5 minute hugs

Hug your partner at least 5 times today, for 5 minutes each. See how much 25 minutes of hugging a day can improve your relationship.

On the sixth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 6 scoop sundae
Make the ultimate romantic sundae. Use 6 scoops of your sweetheart’s favorite ice cream and toppings. (Not yours!) Surprise them with it when they get home. Share the sundae together by candlelight.

On the seventh day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 7 love letters
Write your sweetheart a love letter each day this week, but don’t give them to him or her until the end of the week. Wrap the letters in a bow and leave them on the doorstep or their pillow.

On the eighth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 8 compliments
Try giving your sweetheart 8 compliments in one day. Spread them out over the day and see how it cheers your sweetheart up. Every relationship could do with a few more compliments.

On the ninth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 9 heart shaped cookies
Bake some homemade cookies and carefully decorate each one lovingly. Wrap in a box and give as an elegant, surprise gift.

On the tenth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 10 reasons why I’m loved
Tell your love 10 reasons why you adore them. Be specific and elaborate. For example, anyone could have “pretty eyes” but your love has “deep, emerald eyes that piece through the heart every time someone looks into them.”

On the eleventh day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 11 romantic songs
Pick 11 romantic songs that have special meaning to you. Put them on a CD or MP3 player and give them to your sweetheart. For ideas on songs, check out our article “Love Song CD” for song ideas.

On the twelfth day of Love-mas, I got from my true love: 12 white roses
White roses symbolize honor and purity. They are usually used for marriages as a reminder of new beginnings. Attach a vow to your white roses, promising an honoring attitude towards your relationship.

10 Romantic Computer Projects

computer2Technology isn’t just for personal convenience, it can also be used creatively for romance! Here are some romantic ideas related to your home computer that you can use to impress and touch the heart of your special sweetheart.

#1- Make a Slideshow
Use Powerpoint or Windows Movie Maker to create a slide show of special memories of you and your love. Pick a combination of pictures from a certain special event or choose a variety of pictures from many special events and set the pictures to music. Give the photos effects such as a sepia tone or make them black and white. Set up a special screening of your presentation.

#2- Make a Photo Collage
Using Photoshop or GIMP, combine some photos from an event to make a collage. Put this collage on a flash drive and then take it down to get it developed into a large picture. Frame it and give it as a gift.

#3- Create a Blog or Personal Website
A romantic blog can be a fun way to tell others about your romantic journey together, or about your engagement and wedding plans. You can use WordPress or Blogger, or sites that make it simple to put together a website such as Webstarts or Webs. Pick a theme for your blog or website and make it a habit to update it once a week together.

#4- Create a Desktop Wallpaper
Find a few pictures and add some text to them using Photoshop or Picmonkey. Give them uplifting or romantic messages so that your sweetheart has a reminder of how much you adore them every time they turn on the computer. Email the wallpaper to them, or surprise them and change their background when they’re away from their computer.

#5- Make Love Coupons
Create coupons such as “One coupon good for eating at the restaurant of your choice” or “One coupon good for a 10 minute foot rub.” Buy a little box to keep the coupons in and present it to your love. Throw out the coupons when they’ve been spent or keep them somewhere safe and reuse them. This is a great project because you can create it in something as simple as a word processor.

#6- Create an Animated GIF
Make something simple like a beating heart or get elaborate and make GIF designs of you and your sweetheart flirting. This takes some skill and programs like Photoshop, GIF Construction Set, or JASC Animation Shop, but if you can do it it’s sure to make an impression.

#7- Create an eCard
Create a small file in Photoshop or GIMP around 500px x 400px then pair a sweet photo with a cheerful and romantic sentiment. Animate it with Flash or even Windows Movie Maker, taking different photos and fading them into one another. At a loss for words? Use poetry or famous quotes to go with your pictures. If you’re having a hard time finding photos, use stock.xchge for copyright-free photos.

#8- Make a Game
If you have a lot of computer skills, make a game for your love. Make it as simple as catching hearts with the cursor, or make it complicated as a RPG. Use Flash, Game Maker, or ADRIFT (for text adventures) to make your game.

#9- Digital Scrapbook
Create digital scrapbook pages using Photoshop or GIMP, and either print them and make a book out of them, or build a website and post them. You can use different free digital scrapbooking sites such as Shabby Princess, Free Digital Scrapbooking, or ScrapbookFlair.

#10- Compose a Song
What’s more romantic than a love song made especially for your love? Even if you’re not exceptionally musically talented, you can use programs like JamStudio and Audacity to create simple songs for that special someone.

Gift Idea: Sick Sweetheart Package

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen your sweetheart is sick, you can’t always be there to watch over them until they get better, but you can send them a gift that will make help them heal faster!

Make them a care basket filled with vitamins (such as zinc or vitamin C), bandages and ointments, or hot and cold packs.

People heal faster when they have cheerful spirits. So send your love things that will make them cheerful, such as an uplifting book, a hilarious movie, a stuffed animal, or a collection of love notes.

Other things you can do when someone is sick:
Send them flowers. Don’t just wait till someone is hospitalized for this gesture. Flowers are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Get them an appointment at a sauna. Saunas are known for detoxing and healing. A couple of 10-minute treatments will make someone feel refreshed and help them heal faster.

Send them mail daily. Being stuck in bed all day is boring. Write them letters or emails on a daily basis for them to read as they rest.

Cook and clean. Taking care of the house and cooking the meals are difficult tasks when you’re sick. Help someone out by doing chores they’re not healthy enough to do so.

Love Song CD

headphonesIt may seem a little adolescent and cheesy, but with the right amount of creativity and presentation, a love song CD can be a highly romantic present.

Some ideas for your CD:

–> A song that explains how you feel about them in the morning
–> A song that explains how you feel about them in the afternoon
–> A song that explains how you feel about them in the evening
–> A song that explains how you feel about them in the spring
–> A song that explains how you feel about them in the summer
–> A song that explains how you feel about them in the fall
–> A song that explains how you feel about them in the winter
–> A song that reminds you of your first date
–> A song that reminds you of your first kiss
–> A song that reminds you of your first anniversary
–> A song that reminds you of your first dance
–> A song that reminds you of your first year as a married couple
–> A song that says how you feel when they walk into the room
–> A song that says how you feel when they are away from you
–> A song that says how you feel when they look into your eyes

Want to make your CD more romantic?  Put some effort into the CD sleeve.  Write a dedication to your sweetheart, thanking them for your wonderful relationship together.  Or write the reasons to why you picked the songs you did.  Or write your favorite lyrics from the songs you chose.

If you’d rather go the MP3 route, give your sweetheart a music gift card and write a letter that says which songs they are to download.  Include your reasons for picking the songs you did in the same letter.

Gift Idea: Hand Painted Mailbox

mailboxPresent your sweetheart with secret love notes using your own personal mailbox!

You will need:
A mailbox or any type of box with a lid from a craft store
Paintbrushes and paint
A hand written love letter

In craft and fabric stores you can pick up a wooden mailbox that is prepped for you to paint. If you can’t find a mailbox, you can use a regular box or even a large treasure box if desired.

Use two coats of whatever base paint you would like. For wooden surfaces, acrylic paint works great and it’s pretty cheap. Make the paint relevant colors, such as your partner’s favorite colors, the colors they were wearing when you first met, the color of their eyes, etc.

The easiest way to paint a wooden surface is to use a stencil. After the base paint has dried, tape the edges of the stencil against the surface and gently paint over the stencil. Use something symbolic or simply romantic.

After you’ve finished painting, use the box on a regular basis to leave notes and trinkets for your sweetheart.

Gift Idea: Poetry Book

What You Will Need:

  • A 4×6 photo book
  • A package of 4×6 index cards or scrapbook cardstock
  • A printer or art supplies to decorate your index cards with

Create a collection of poetry for your sweetheart. This is a simple idea, but be forewarned that it takes a lot of thought and effort! Decide what poems to put in the book. Here are some collection ideas:

  • An arrangement of poems by your sweetheart’s favorite poet
  • Collection of themed poetry: love poems, sonnets, poems about the sea, limericks, etc
  • Favorite and sentimental romantic song lyrics
  • A collection of your own poetry, dedicated to them
  • Your wedding vows

The second thing to decide is how to present your poetry. There are a few options:

  • Put a excerpt on the front of the card and then type the full poem out on the back
  • Section one long poem to take up the entire book
  • Alternate between poetry and photographs of you two

Tips on Writing Your Own Poem

Need inspiration on writing poetry for your love? Try starting out with these subjects:

Think of Where You First Met
What was the weather like? What were you wearing? What stands out about the building you were in? Environment is a great way to set up a poem.

What made you fall for him/her? What’s beautiful about him/her?
What was it that made you take a second look? What personality traits do you love about him/her? What do his/her eyes remind you of? What personality traits of his/hers do you think make him/her beautiful? When you look him/her over, what stands out to you most?

Acknowledge Your Faults
We all have our faults; problems that we bring into the relationship. as forgetting dates, never saying the right words, or getting self-centered from time to time. It happens. Acknowledge it. Appreciate your love for being patient with you. (You too, ladies!)

Imagine the World Without Them
If your love disappeared tomorrow—no explanation– how would you feel? Lost? Scared?
Angry at the world? Angry at yourself? What would you miss about them? Write down what thoughts you might have if they disappeared or left you.