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Valentine’s Day Randomizer

pinkdice2We want to make Valentine’s Day special yet easy for you. We fear that Valentine’s Day might over-whelm you – or worse, under-whelm you – and your plans will fall short of awesomeness.

So let’s make this easy: grab a die and roll it for each category below. Add your own romantic spin on each idea (see our article, The Art of Creative Romance) and voila – You have a solid Valentine’s Day date. (You can use this for anniversaries and birthdays as well. You’re welcome.)

Valentine’s Day Morning
1- Have flowers sent to their house around the time they wake up
2- Put a love letter under their windshield wiper
3- Make your sweetheart breakfast in bed or go out on a breakfast picnic
4- Be their singing wake up call
5- Leave a gift on their door step. Ring the door bell. Run away. (Even if you’re married!)
6- Give them a neck or foot massage before they go to work

Valentine’s Day Evening
1- Go dancing – whether it’s at a restaurant, club, studio, or at home
2- Cook an intimate dinner at home, proceeded by a board or card game
3- Attend a show, play, or concert
4- Go out to dinner, choosing a fancy place you rarely visit or a special place out of town
5- Go to a local event or place (check your newspaper or city website for ideas)
6- Turn a room of your house into a getaway

What Gift You Should Buy Your Sweetheart
1- Specialty food item they love, such as wine, tea, chocolate, spices, etc
2- Something R&R related, such as spa treatments, a hammock, massage chair, a vacation trip, etc
3- Something media related, like a CD, movie, video game, comic, or book
4- Something you can do together, such as a board game, event tickets, or a hobby project
5- A handmade gift – like a poem, wall hanging, bookmarks, etc
6- Something for outdoor use, such as tools, picnic supplies, sports equipment, or a swing for two

What You Should Write in Their Card (Yes, they get a card.)
1- Reasons you love them
2- Reasons why you appreciate them
3- A special memory of the two of you
4- How they’ve changed you for the better
5- Why you never plan to leave them
6- Why they are a great husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend

What You Should Tell Them Face to Face (Just fill in the blank.)
1- I appreciate your ____________
2- The thing I love most about you is ____________
3- You’ve taught me that ____________
4- I knew I loved you when ____________
5- My favorite memory of you is ____________
6- I’m so grateful that ____________

Happy Relationship New Year

relationshipnewHappy Valentine’s Day Eve!

This holiday can hold some really high expectations or some really heavy heartbreak, depending on your situation. However, I’m proposing that that Valentine’s Day not be viewed as a commercial holiday, but as a Singleness New Year’s Day or a Marriage New Year’s Day. What does that mean? It means you spend the day in reflection and celebration on what season of life you’re in and you plan to live the rest of the year to the fullest. Try these ideas:

For Single People:
→ Give gifts to all your single friends. Write them a note thanking them for being a great friend this past year. Pray for them and their future spouses.

→ Appreciate your parents and other family members that have encouraged you this year. Thank them for their hard work.

→ Take a look at how you’re spending your singleness. Are you being selfish with your time? Are you letting valuable relationships slip through your fingers? Are you preparing yourself for your future marriage? Make a plan this year to get into serving, re-establish old relationships, and prepare yourself for your future spouse.

→ Write a letter to your future spouse. Save it. Write him/her a letter every year until you meet. (You can do this on other holidays too!)

→ Take a look at your relationship with Christ. Are you living for Him and His Kingdom or simply for yourself? Spend some time in prayer and Bible reading. Plan out time for devotion in the upcoming year. Spend some time with Him in thanksgiving.

For Married People:
→ Admire your spouse. Write him/her a letter of all the things they’ve done this past year that you appreciate. Write down the things you love about him/her. Read the letter aloud.

→ Thank the people in your life that have helped you with your marriage. (Leave them a note or an email– don’t interrupt their day with their spouse!) Tell them how their wisdom helped you.

→ If you have kids, show your kids some love. Make sure they know how much they mean to you. Give them little gifts. Make some crafts with them. Write them letters for them to keep as they grow older.

→ Make quality time with your spouse today. Spend an evening or afternoon in each other’s company. Don’t argue. Don’t complain. Don’t tease. Simply love and adore. (You can do it. I believe in you.)

→ Pray for married friends in hard times. Encourage them.

→ Take a look at your marriage. Gentlemen, do you reflect Christ’s love for the church? Ladies, do you reflect the church’s loving submission to Christ? Read Ephesians 5 and reflect on your own heart.

→ Take a look at your relationship with Christ. Have you put your spouse before Christ as an idol? Have you neglected your time with Him? Spend some time in prayer and Bible reading. Plan out time for devotion in the upcoming year. Spend some time with Him in thanksgiving.

Happy Relationship New Year, everyone!

Formula For a Great Valentine’s Day Date


If you want to have a memorable Valentine’s Day that your sweetheart will enjoy, follow this simple formula:

1 Part Male Initiation
Although couples may trade off the romantic reins during the year, the man should do the planning and arranging for Valentine’s Day. Why? Because a woman feels beautiful when her man pursues her, and the man is thrilled when she responds to his pursuit! Instantly, the date will be more romantic and energized.

1 Part Personalization
When did over-priced restaurants and a box of chocolates become the norm for Valentine’s Day? Ensure that your gestures of affection are personalized. Instead of picking out an expensive place to dine, pick somewhere that reflects your date’s interests and preferences.

Gifts should have thought and personalization as well. As beautiful as a generic diamond necklace is, it is much more memorable to buy a favorite gemstone or birthstone. All Valentine’s Day gifts should be romantic and personalized.

1 Part Grooming
Nothing says lazy and uninterested like failing to bathe. It does not matter if you are having a relaxing dinner at home or going out, you should put some effort into your hygiene and dress. Buy new clothes and get a haircut if you have to. Not only does this show your date that you are interested in them, but it will keep your date interested in you!

1 Part Gush
If you have not told your woman lately how gorgeous she is or how well she takes care of the house, here’s the perfect time. If it has been ages since you told your man how much you appreciate his hard work or his sense of humor, here’s the chance. Try to refrain from any criticizing, nagging, or complaining during this day. Talk about what you love about each other. Talk about how you felt when you first met. Talk about your future together. Gush, admire, appreciate, and adore your sweetheart.

14 Days of Valentines

heartChristmas gets 12 days, so why can’t Valentine’s get something too? Don’t wait to show affection till the 14th. Follow this calendar to make the next two weeks memorable.

We highly suggest everyone does the “Singles” prompts. Don’t forget about the other people in your life that aren’t your sweetheart!

All: Write down the amazing character attributes of God.  (Merciful, righteous, wonderful, good, creative, loving, etc) Sit back and stare in awe at His glorious nature.

Him: Hand-write her a love letter. Drop it off at the post office to be sent– even if you live together
Her: Send him a love email
Singles: Write a thank you card for your parents

Him: Call her and tell her that you are thinking about her
Her: Text him and say that you miss him
Singles: Text/email someone you lost touch with

Him: Take her to whatever movie she wants to see
Her: Buy him snacks at the concession stand while you’re at the movies
Singles: Go to the movies with a friend you’ve known at least 5 years

Him: Organize a picnic breakfast in the park
Her: Bring him his favorite smoothie for breakfast
Singles: Make a full breakfast for your entire household

All: Spend time with your First Love. Make a list of things to thank Him for. Then thank Him.

Him: Buy her a potted plant and leave it on her doorstep with a note.
Her: Buy his favorite ice cream and drop it off at his fridge with a note.
Singles: Take your best friend to his/her favorite cafe for drinks.

Him: Email her a song that reminds you of your first kiss
Her: Email him a song that reminds you of your first date
Singles: Email someone a stupid song from when you were in middle/high school and laugh about it

Him: Take today to groom yourself for your woman. Pluck your eyebrows. Do your laundry. Buy cologne.
Her: Beautify yourself for your guy. Paint your nails. Use a pumice stone on your feet. Get a haircut
Singles: Spoil yourself completely

Him: Offer to wash her pet
Her: Offer to wash his car
Singles: Offer someone in your neighborhood to do either of the two mentioned above

Him: Take her to her favorite restaurant .
Her: Buy him a book and surprise him with it at dinner.
Singles: Contact the people you rarely talk to on your Facebook/Myspace/Email list and leave a short message

Him: Make her dinner
Her: Bake him a cake
Singles: Bake cookies for a specific group. (Such as coworkers, Bible study, math class, etc.)

All: Look over the last year and write down all the things God has done for you and those around you. Give Him praise for always looking out for you and the people you care about.

All: Spoil someone unconditionally, without any complaint, without any selfish motivations, and no holding back. Have a good holiday, everybody!

Happy Single Awareness Day


Valentine’s Day is somewhat irritating and maybe even depressing to the single crowd. Being surrounded by reminders that you don’t have someone to share the holiday with can be taunting, but don’t plan feeling sorry for yourself just yet. Try these ideas instead.

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